Do you want to know the signs that you’re ready to start your own spiritual business? 

Maybe you’ve had your spiritual awakening and now you feel called to help people achieve the same thing.

Or maybe you feel like you already know your life purpose but are too scared to quit your 9 to 5 job and make the jump.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be spiritual, it could also mean purpose-led business. 

It can be about anything as long as you have a passion for that thing and you like sharing information about it. 

This path is not always easy because it’s what people can call “the road not taken” or in this case, the road less taken.

The road only taken by those who are brave enough to trust in the divine.

Could you be one of those people?

Today, I’ll tell you all about the signs that you’re ready to start your own purpose-led business.

Are you ready to find out?

Let’s dive in!

Signs You’re Ready To Start A Spiritual Business

Starting a spiritual business is not only for “the chosen few”. You could be one of those people and I’ll tell you all about the signs that this might be true for you,

What Are The Signs That I’m Ready To Start A Spiritual Business?

As a general rule, you’re ready to start a spiritual business if you’re tired of giving away your time and freedom for a job that barely provides and you’re having dreams or visions about what you could create.

We’ll talk about this in more detail but first, let’s talk about spirituality and business.

5 signs you're ready to start a spiritual business

What Is Spirituality

“Spirituality means any experience that is thought to bring the experiencer into contact with the divine.” -Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary

Spirituality is a broad concept with numerous interpretations.

In general, it entails a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves, as well as a search for a purpose in life.

As such, it is a universal human experience that affects us all.

A spiritual experience can be described as sacred, transcendent, or simply as a profound sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

two monks holding light

Some people’s spiritual lives may be inextricably linked to their affiliation with a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue.

Others may find comfort in prayer or a personal relationship with God or a higher power.

Others look for meaning in their connections to nature or art.

Your personal definition of spirituality, like your sense of purpose, may change throughout your life as you adapt to your own experiences and relationships.

start a spiritual business

Spiritual Business Meaning

Simply put, a spiritual business is any company that offers spiritual growth services or holistic solutions for a wide range of life events.

When starting a spiritual-based business, it is critical that you are aligned with the product or service you wish to sell or provide.

You can’t serve others and build a successful and fulfilling business if you don’t feel connected to the company.

For many entrepreneurs or, in this case, spiritual entrepreneurs, this is a process that does not happen overnight. Always remember that failure is a necessary part of the path to success.

It’s important to know what a spiritual business entails for you and what offerings you can make to those you wish to serve.

spiritual business ideas

Then, you can start making a spiritual business model. Here are some spiritual business examples:

  • A holistic nutritionist or health practitioner
  • Doula and birthing service
  • Spiritual life coaching
  • Spiritual health and well-being services.
  • Spiritual interior design and décor services
  • Meditation coaching services
  • Candles or aromatherapy services
  • Yoga instruction
  • Crystal or jewelry design

psychic business plan

Take note that when I say spiritual business, it could also mean purpose-led business.

Whatever that purpose is, as long as you have a great passion for it, it’s helping people, and making a positive difference. 

Money And Spirituality

Money and spirituality, business and spirituality, do they mix well?

Most of us have ingrained negative beliefs about money. “Money is evil, money disappears quickly, you have to work extremely hard for money, money is evil, money is frightening.”

piggy bank with coins

These beliefs are what are preventing money from entering your life. You must shift your mindset to more positive beliefs.

“Money allows me to help people, money makes people happy, money allows me to do the things I enjoy, and money allows me to fulfill my purpose.”

If you have money, you have the freedom and the time to do the things you love, to work on your passion.

You can alter your conscious thinking by reading money-attracting books, but you must also alter your subconscious programming.

Affirmations and subliminal messaging can help with this. You can read more about this in this article about how to manifest money according to millionaires.

paper money on white surface

5 Signs You’re Ready To Start A Spiritual Business

1: You’re Sick Of Having No Money

The first one is kind of obvious, and that’s if you’re sick of having no money and not being able to get a raise.

In this economy, in case nobody spelled it out for you, inflation is 10% a year.

What does this mean?

It means that every year, things get 10% more expensive. 

Another way of looking at it is that every year, your money becomes 10% less valuable. 

So if you’re not getting a raise every single year of at least 15%, you’re screwed.

Your money will just evaporate without you even realizing it. 

It’s such a slow process that it can be difficult to notice. 

woman shocked while looking at her phone

You’ll wake up one day in 5 or 10 years with your savings in your bank account and your salary has stayed the same. 

You’ll suddenly realize: “Wait a minute, I can’t afford to do anything!”

You can’t afford to go on holiday and you’re just paying your bills.

Whereas 5 or 10 years ago in the same job with the same salary, you were actually very comfortable. 

How did this happen? 

As I mentioned above, it’s inflation. 

So if you’re noticing that and you’re sick of not being able to get a pay rise to keep up with inflation, that’s a good sign.

You’re ready to start your own thing and solve this problem.

male executive reading papers

2: You’re Having Exciting Visions About What You Could Create

The next one is that you keep having ideas or exciting visions about what you could create.

This is usually inspired by some kind of social media post. 

You see people showing their results and their lifestyles. 

Now, this is a bit controversial because some people would show off things they don’t actually have.

For example, they show pictures and videos to show you how nice their house is, but it’s not actually theirs.

Maybe it’s their friends’ house or they just rented it overnight.

Maybe they rent an awesome car for a day to take a photo in front of it and make people think it’s theirs. 

digital nomad

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the people who genuinely live their ideal lives. Those who are living a life that you also want to live. 

For example, being able to travel whenever you want for however long you want. 

You never see me flexing money, standing in front of a sports car, or being in a private jet.

But I genuinely do live a life where I can travel for as long as I want, wherever I want, and I don’t have to work for somebody else.

That, in my opinion, is the true flex. That is the goal that most people want. 

spiritual entrepreneur examples

Most people know this if they’re honest with themselves. 

They want to be able to have the freedom to do what they want when they want and not have to answer to a boss. 

If you’re starting to feel that, it could be a sign that you should start your own thing.

3: You Dream Of The Digital Nomad Life

Do you have dreams of working while traveling and going on crazy adventures?

This is known as being a digital nomad and it’s definitely a good step in the right direction. 

digital nomad work desk

If you’re working remotely, you don’t have to be in a physical office to work. 

That is a very good step in the direction.

If you enjoy that, it’s a good sign that you would love the lifestyle of being able to build your own business.

You can focus on that without having to work for somebody else and be told what to do.

3: You Don’t Enjoy Your Job

woman standing near a laptop

Another really powerful sign is that you just don’t enjoy your job. 

If you are going to your job every day, let’s say it’s in an office or a hospital. 

So you’re going every day to this job and sure, the people are good. The people are amazing.

You have fun but the wage is $10, $20 an hour, or something like that. 

The more you want to earn, the more hours you have to give to that company. 

Ultimately, you have no freedom because there’s only a limited amount of hours that you can work in a day and in a month. 

Let’s say you want to be financially independent and have millions in the bank. 

man working in an office

If you want to actually reach your goals, that’s impossible if you’re trading your time for money.

And you’re only able to trade, let’s say a maximum of 11 hours a day.

Even that is crazy to be working that many hours in a day. 

If you’re you’re working 11 hours a day for $10 an hour, that’s not gonna be enough. 

In fact, that’s nowhere near enough to reach those goals, especially when you consider inflation.

If you save up and every year that goes by it’s just sitting in a bank, it’s losing 10% of its value. 

To keep up with inflation, know you need to have created a system where you’re not trading your time for money. This is very important.

woman looking afar

4: You Know That It’s Meant For You

The next sign is that you know deep down that it’s meant for you.

This is not something that you can be told but rather something that you yourself would know inside.

This can be changed around a bit. 

Let’s say you want to start your own business and your parents say no because it will never work and you should get a job. 

You do the sensible thing, but deep down you still know that you’re meant to do your own thing.

You’re not meant to work for somebody else. 

bored man looking at laptop

You’re not meant to have this job in this boring office or go and serve people all day. 

Deep down, you know that that’s not your life. That’s not what you’re supposed to do. You know you’re meant for something else.

5: You’re Not Excited To Do Your Work

Another important sign is that you wake up in the morning and are not excited. 

You start the day but you’re not looking forward to going to work or doing whatever your project is. 

That’s a huge sign that you’re doing the wrong thing. You’re wasting your time. 

person looking at watch

The sooner you realize that the better things will be for you because time is literally the only true asset. 

You can’t buy more time. Once you’ve used it, you can’t get it back. 

So it’s a huge waste if you’re waking up every morning and you’re not excited about what you’re going to do.

Chances are, that’s not what you should be doing. That’s just the truth.

spiritual business coach

Need Help Starting Your Spiritual/Purpose-Led Business?

By the way, I do have a program called the Abundance Manifestation Academy where I teach you how to manifest abundance and how to create your dream life.

If you’re a man, I do have a male-only mastermind for spiritual business building.

Here, we teach you how to create or grow a purpose-led online business in the most automated way possible.

We will help you give value to the world, and make a difference while taking back your time and freedom. 

So it won’t take all of your time. It won’t be this thing where you have to slave away for 100 hours a month or 100 hours a week. 

It’s very systematic and it enables you to share what you love doing with the world in the most efficient way possible.

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How To Become More Spiritual

Becoming more spiritual is a personal journey so it’s gonna be different for everyone. The best way to become more spiritual is to educate yourself, try things, and see which ones bring you closer to the source.

Where Can I Find A Spiritual Business Coach?

We provide spiritual business coaching here at Astral HQ. 

How To Start A Spiritual Business Online?

You can start a spiritual business by setting an intention, visualizing it, and taking action towards making it happen. 

If you want to know more, you can watch this free video about how to escape the matrix and create passive income.

signs you're ready to start a spiritual business

Signs You’re Ready To Start A Spiritual Business

So what are the signs that you’re ready to start a spiritual business?

If you’re sick of having no money, you’re not excited about your job,  you’re having visions about what you could create if you dream of the digital nomad life and you know it’s meant for you.

If these things resonated with you, then get ready to quit your job because you are to meant to do that.

You have a bigger purpose and it’s just waiting for you to step into it.

If you’re still not sure about your life purpose, taking this free numerology reading might help you get to know more about your deepest desires.

Now you’ve learned what are the signs you’re ready to start a spiritual business. Do you think you’re ready to start living your passion?

Let me know in the comments!