Little Known ‘Holographic’ Secret Lets You Effortlessly Raise Your Vibration FAST!

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Feeling tired? Struggling Financially?

Can’t raise your vibrations or KEEP them raised?

These seem to be problems of our time, but they don’t have to be.


Most ‘self help’ or spiritual courses miss the point.

They teach you theories, and ideas based on an ‘ideal world’.

But they fail to explain how reality really works, at the fundamental, ‘holographic level’.

If you don’t change things at the holistic, holographic level, you’ll NEVER be able to manifest things in the ‘physical’ 3D level.

No matter how hard you try, or how long you try for!

It will feel like trying to climb a mountain carrying a sack of rocks.


What if you could save yourself thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars?


By combining the most effective parts of the best systems and programs, you could drastically cut down the time it takes you to raise your vibrations and manifest faster.

I’ll be honest:

Researching and learning this stuff cost me, dearly.

I’ve cried, bled, sweated and sacrificed a lot to put everything together. But it was SO worth it!

Thing is: it’s quite… unusual.

It’s not like your typical personal growth, spiritual or self help course/program. In fact, it challenges many things people think are ‘the best way’ of doing things.

But it’s all fully researched, rooted in fundamental psychological, spiritual, and mechanical principles that seem to just always work.

For example, one of the techniques for increasing your manifestation ability involves simply meditating at a specific (strange) time of day, with focus on a specific thing.

A lot of the work in this program is based on the ‘Pareto principle’.

The idea that – USUALLY – 80% of your results in a given thing, come from about 20% of your work or action.

When you know this, you can MASSIVELY save time.

And money.

Because you can ‘laser focus’ on the smallest fraction of the most EFFECTIVE things, and spend all your time doing those highly effective things.

You’re probably skeptical, and that’s normal.

In fact, your critical thinking, intuition, willpower and skepticism will actually HELP you get faster results using this.

Over the years, I’ve built various companies, we’ve researched countless ancient civilisations, gone through courses, books, programs and more.

I have data, research papers, studies and analysis stacked halfway up my office wall, and inter-connected mind maps that would make your head spin.

Funny story: One mind map I created to map out various models of reality and psycho-dynamics, was such a complex/large file, with so many annotations and notes that it literally crashed the software.

I had to work with their tech team to find a way to properly export/save it, because the file was so large.

Long story short: I’ve done my homework.

This system works for everyone.

How can I say that?

Because our research team has laser focused on one thing:

Finding the most likely, most probable, most effective parts of as many systems as possible.

To come up with a ‘web’ of things that just KEEP working, time and time again, throughout history, all around the world.

The ‘gold dust’ of personal and spiritual growth that just PERSISTS, because it works so well.

10 Years Ago, I Was Completely STUCK…

I was attracting negative and ‘low vibration’ people into my life, I had financial problems, debt, low income, depression and illness. Throughout the day I just had NO energy no matter how long I slept for…

I couldn’t remember my dreams, struggled to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes, and things were just not going well for me.

All of that meant I just bounced from one ‘dead end’ job to another, essentially living on ‘autopilot’ all day. This continued for a few years and I had no idea what the root cause was.

My sleep quality was TERRIBLE.

My diet and habits were even worse…

And no matter what I did, I just couldn’t escape this rut I was stuck in.

I WANTED to increase my energy levels, attract ABUNDANCE and success into my life, and unlock my spiritual gifts, so I could live a life I REALLY enjoyed!

I wanted to raise my vibrations, although at the time I didn’t know that’s what I wanted. I just wanted more energy and to ‘feel’ better, so I could focus on improving myself and my life.

Years later, I learned that it’s ALL to do with your vibrations or ‘frequency’, but I’ll get to that…

So I had a long way to go, and I didn’t really know where to start.

I began my personal growth journey…

I wanted to change my life, and like many of us, I wanted the following:

  • ‘Limitless’ energy levels ALL day, not just after the first cup of coffee in the morning. To be able to focus for hours on end if needed, to be able to study, learn and THINK clearly, without the brain fog
  • Motivation: I wanted to have constant and limitless motivation and willpower, so that I could just DO anything I wanted without having to fight myself the whole way!
  • To attract positive, happy, inspiring and kind, high vibe people into my life! I wanted to be surrounded by spiritual interesting people, who knew how to live life to the full!
  • To experience higher dimensions through astral projection, to lucid dream more, increase my levels of intuition to unlock my true potential and power. (Actually, the spiritual aspect came later on)

And my search for those things led me all over the place.

I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years, such as ‘biohacking’, high adrenaline activities like skydiving, all kinds of career types and businesses, various diets, travelling around the world, dozens of programs, personal growth techniques, and much more.

I’ve read hundreds of books, watched thousands of videos, and mostly… wasted my time.

However, I did manage to research and collect a large amount of information and concepts that DO work. Things that DO increase your energy, raise your vibrations and help you to manifest your dream life.

How Does It All Work?

If you find that when you DO raise your vibrations, you just get pulled back down, this is probably why:

Shamans, sages, seers, and ancient wise men knew how reality works at the ‘holographic level’.

Imagine multiple LAYERS of reality, all stacked on top of each other. What we’re mainly aware of, is the ‘physical’ 3D layer.

Modern science is only now catching up with the idea that ‘physical reality’ is NOT actually physical, at all.

Quantum mechanics is one of many fields of study that is now showing this. They’re showing that if you zoom in far enough, nothing exists.

Nothing is this ‘physical’ stuff we’ve been taught is there.

It’s all energetic parts of a large, infinite, ‘potential reality’.

A hologram.

Science is also now confirming what was known 5000 years ago:


Specifically, conscious intention and thought patterns have a real, measurable effect on ‘physical’ particles.

Yeah, really.

But it gets stranger.

All Particles Are Linked!

‘Quantum entanglement’ shows that when particles are ‘linked’, this effect happens regardless of how far away the particles are.

This means thoughts can affect things in another country or even continent, with NO TIME DELAY.

So this world we’ve been assuming is ‘physical’ is actually far from that. It’s an infinite range of potential and possibilities, that we MOULD or shape with our thoughts and beliefs.

Not just in terms of our PERSPECTIVE of things, no.

We ACTUALLY change things, for real.

This brings new light and understanding to things like the law of attraction, and manifestation.

You’re LITERALLY pulling and attracting certain experiences, people, things and situations TOWARDS you, all the time.

Now, you might be confused or even frustrated about all of this.

How does this help you?

Remember those multiple ‘layers of reality’ we spoke about?

How they’re all stacked on top of each other?

Above the ‘physical’ lies a layer called ‘potential’ or enfolded reality.

This layer contains a wide or even infinite range of possibility, which if left alone, will become ‘real’ in the physical world we live in now.

So this is where things like thoughts, subconscious beliefs and astrological patterns like archetypes project down the ‘most likely’ reality to us.

If you don’t change things THERE, you won’t change things HERE.

So of course, you need to access and reach into that ‘enfolded’ potential reality, in order to really change things in the physical.

Otherwise, you’ll just be struggling against yourself essentially.

Your Higher Self lives in this higher realm.

The physical world we think is ‘all there is’, is just an echo of that the realm, and the realms above that.

Imagine the higher realm is like the ‘projector’ of a movie.

We’re experiencing the movie.

We can scream and shout all we want in the physical world, we can take courses, meditate, and fight as hard as we can but NOTHING will change…


We can reach up, and change the movie that’s being projected.

That’s where this system focuses.

On the most effective ways of ‘reaching up’, and affecting things at the holographic level of reality.

Sounds complicated, but we’ve made it easy.

And once you do that?

Manifestation, healing, astral projection, raising your frequency and anything else you can think of in the ‘physical’ realm, becomes like Kindergarten.

It’s easy.


Fun, even.

Others Know About This Secret!

This is not really a ‘secret’.

In fact, it’s been used throughout history by both good and bad people or groups of people.

And for that reason, USUALLY, the group ‘in power’ don’t want the people to know about these things.

They’d prefer you just stayed weak, tired, confused, afraid and ‘stuck’.

It’s no surprise that NOTHING like this is ever taught in school, college, university etc.

But the beautiful thing about the last few years, is that ALL over the world, millions of people have been waking up.

We’ve been becoming aware of our power, freedom, strength and purpose. And I KNOW you feel it too…

If you’re still reading at this point, you must feel it.

The change happening, everywhere.

And it’s not really an evolution as such, it’s more of a ‘remembering’. We’re remembering that which we’ve forgotten for so long.

WARNING: Your Life Will NOT Be The Same Once You Raise Your Frequency And Vibrations! Your Old Life Is OVER!

I’m going to share something really powerful with you in a moment, but first, does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have low energy and wake up feeling tired no matter how long you slept for? (Maybe you’ve tried to wake up ‘naturally’, but it just led to you being unemployed!)
  • You want to raise your vibrations and frequency to speed up your personal and spiritual growth, but you have NO IDEA where to start (or how to do it)
  • You have no motivation or willpower to change your life, but you WANT to have the willpower! You want to be able to transform your life, attract financial freedom and abundance, have more time, work on your passion projects, and have more energy?
  • You want to open your third eye to experience astral projection and lucid dreaming, receive guidance from your Higher Self, and unlock your spiritual gifts
  • You want to stop feeling tired, weak, depressed, and ‘low energy’ all the time! Enough is enough, you want to transform your life and unlock your POTENTIAL!
  • You know you need to raise your vibrations and change your life, but you’re dealing with people that are CONSTANTLY bringing you down, being negative, complaining and just generally affecting your mood every day? (Maybe they’re even family members, or you’re not sure how to approach it)

One thing I’ve learned is that when you know WHAT to focus on, you can easily change your reality. Everything’s easier with a ‘roadmap’. When you actually know what to do, you can change your life, and the changes happen FAST!

What if you could become almost Superhuman?

“You Don’t Attract What You WANT, You Attract What You ARE”

This quote sums up my research, and serves as a reminder that you have the power right now to change your reality. To change your LIFE.

And it begins with what you ARE, and what frequency you’re on, right now.

Your vibrations or frequency controls and guides pretty much everything else in your life. It affects your emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions and how ‘lucky’ you seem to be.

The truth is, you’re ALREADY attracting your CURRENT reality, by vibrating at that level.

I was ALREADY using the ‘law of vibration’ to create MY reality of feeling tired, broke, depressed and sick all the time… I just didn’t know it back then.

Let me save you THOUSANDS of hours

Let me save you potentially thousands of hours here…

  • Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to be REALLY ‘lucky’? Everything they touch turns to gold, and it’s like they’re not even trying…
  • On the other hand, maybe you know someone who’s ALWAYS struggling? Relationship trouble, money trouble, and things just KEEP going wrong?
  • ​Maybe that second person is actually you right now?


  • It’s not your fault, they don’t teach this in school or university, and they certainly won’t tell you this at the doctors office!
  • It’s all to do with your ‘vibration’ or frequency. The STATE of being that you ARE naturally, determines your reality and what you attract in life…

Introducing: The Superhuman Optimisation System

The Superhuman Optimisation System is a detailed action plan to transform your life, raise your frequency and create your new reality.

You’ll learn proven ‘biohacks’, body/mind alignment techniques, psychological principles, law of attraction concepts, habit formation methods, and much more.

This program is designed to TRANSFORM your life in just a few weeks. If you follow this, you’ll be able to unlock a version of yourself that will seem like a ‘superhuman’ (The truth is you’ve ALWAYS had the ability to feel this way, but you’re forgotten your true power!)

This program is different to almost every other personal growth program out there, because it leverages proven psychological principles, stacks concepts and habits on top of each other, and makes the process fun and even addicting. You won’t just focus on one area of personal growth, you’ll improve everything, without the frustration or ‘guesswork’

Split into 10 core modules, this high quality video course will show you EXACTLY what to change or practice, and how it works. You’ll learn only the most effective, proven and powerful concepts that can REALLY transform your life and how you feel!

This is essentially like the ‘BLUEPRINT’ I would have given myself, if I could go back in time, and meet myself. If I could go and meet the depressed, low energy version of myself 10 years ago, I’d give him this course and tell him to follow it every day for 90 days!

But the concepts taught here won’t JUST increase your energy…

They’ll raise your frequency, open your third eye and completely transform your reality.

Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s how the system works:

What You’ll Learn In The Superhuman Optimisation System

Module 1: The Diet Of A Superhuman Broken Down

  • How to choose the foods you eat to give you more energy and strength all the time. I explain the importance of diet, why you feel tired after eating (and how to avoid it), the best ‘diet’ with the most research behind it and how it works! I also uncover how you can use a little known fasting trick to increase your energy levels, how to optimise your hormones, and much more

Learn some of the secret vitamins, nootropics and minerals that high performing CEOs and athletes use that can unlock ‘genius mode’ in your brain.

These will help you enter flow state in just a few minutes.

This is the state where creativity and focus are NATURAL and easy!

You’ll learn the SPECIFIC FOODS to AVOID or eat more of to unlock abundant energy, faster manifestation.

This will fuel your body and mind in the perfect way. 

Module 2: Sleeping Like A Superhero Every Night

  • Learn SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE biohacks you can use to sleep better, so that you just instantly fall asleep, STAY asleep and wake up with unlimited energy. Sleep affects almost everything else, and it can be SO easy to improve!
  • I’ve spent MULTIPLE YEARS researching sleep and dreams, and summarised all of that learning into a detailed huge masterclass on Sleep Optimisation 101 and how to drastically improve your sleep within a few days
  • Learn how to protect your eyes from the one thing that CRIPPLES your deep sleep quality. If you still feel tired despite sleeping for ‘enough hours’, this is probably why.
  • The ‘PERFECT’ bedroom setup for deeper sleep, more vivid and profound dreams, faster recovery and pineal gland activation.
  • This is actually stuff that they don’t teach anywhere, and it’s hard to figure out on your own without rigorously testing what works for years like I’ve done
  • A proven system for falling asleep faster: The fastest and most reliable way to fall asleep really quickly, anywhere.

Module 3: Exercise and Movement Mastery

  • Learn how your PHYSICAL body affects your energetic and astral bodies.
  • This is an important module that will show you how to connect everything together seamlessly. Certain physical movements and exercises can unlock muscular and nervous system ‘holding patterns’ keeping you STUCK and depressed!
  • Yoga masterclass: There’s a reason yoga is so popular among ‘spiritual’ people. It really affects your vibrations and energy in a profound way.

Exercise and movement are very important, and in this module I show you some very powerful ways you can use movement to increase the ‘energy nexus’ going through your body. 

Doing this will give you more energy and willpower.

You’ll learn to balance your masculine and feminine energies through example workout and exercise routines that balance ‘yin and yan’ forms of movement.

Exercise can be complicated, there are so many options…

I show you how to take the most effective 20% of exercise that will give you 80% of the results.

I’ve asked many fitness professionals questions like ‘what would you do if you only had 10 minutes or less per day to stay as healthy and physically fit as possible?’ and combined all of their responses into one masterclass. 

The result?

The best exercises and routines to do in the LEAST time, that keep you as physically fit as humanly possible.

You could follow these concepts for just 5-10 minutes a day and stay in better shape than someone exercising 1-2 hours per day!

It’s about cutting to the CORE of what works and what doesn’t. 

Removing all the wasted movements and ineffective exercises.

Module 4: Superhuman Meditation Masterclass

  • Learn the powerful benefits of meditation and the most effective technique. By meditating, I’ve been able to drastically lower my stress levels, and achieve a high level of calmness and self awareness, even in really stressful or frustrating situations!
  • Specifically how to meditate to open your third eye and raise your vibrations. This masterclass walks you through a breathing technique that will shift your experience to be more relaxed, and open your pineal gland
  • The secret tool you can use that lets you experience the benefits of 1 hour of meditation in just 4 minutes.

I have also added to this module a powerful masterclass on manifestation. 

It shows you how to meditate specifically to MANIFEST FASTER!

It helps bring your vibration in alignment and attract what you desire.

Imagine being able to tap into this feeling daily.

Feeling healthy, wealthy, happy and peaceful.

I show you EXACTLY how to use meditation in a specific way to do this. 

Module 5: Tracking Your Triggers

  • The profound benefits of keeping a journal and tracking your personal and spiritual growth. This affects not just what you remember, but also how your subconscious mind actually BRINGS you new experiences and realities (based on what you recall, and in what way)
  • How to accurately track and learn the ‘triggers’ that make you feel sad, depressed, happy, excited or peaceful! Once you know specifically what’s causing you to feel ‘low vibration’, you can change it more easily!

We go into journalling and how to use it best.

I also created a series of journalling prompts for you to help open you up and get ideas flowing.

This often creates powerful perspective shifts that you might not have had before. 

I’ve created ENORMOUS changes in my beliefs and mindset sometimes just by using 1-2 good journalling prompts. 

They shift your entire perspective and make you see things in a completely different way. 

And then you just ‘see’ the answer, right there in front of you.

The answer to whatever you’re struggling with.

Often when we ‘get out of our own way’, beautiful things happen.

Module 6: Cold Water Therapy

  • Learn how to raise your vibrations with alternating cold water therapy, and the correct (safest) way to do it. With cold water, you can tap into your most fundamental physiology and biology, and optimise your body and mind connection
  • You’ll experience faster recovery times, a strengthened immune system and stronger willpower if you follow this mini challenge. It’s not for everyone but if you do it, you’ll feel MUCH better!

Module 7: How To THINK Like A Superhero

  • Learn the true manifesting power of a single thought, and how you can use this to your advantage to ‘attract the good life’.
  • I’ve been able to DRASTICALLY change my life using these principles, going from broke and depressed to peaceful, happy and financially free
  • Law of attraction concepts revealed: Learn how to create your own reality and dream life based on a clear vision and idea. I guide you through several affirmations and mantras that can shift your intent and focus to transform your life
  • Positive Immersion Challenge: A bonus challenge program where you immerse yourself in positive energy, thoughts, ideas and situations. These unique suggestions and challenges will ‘force’ you to feel positive until it becomes completely natural for you:

Imagine how a superhero would think. 

They would usually not be worried or stressed about things.. concerned about ‘can I do it or not?’.

They would feel an inner sense of confidence, peace, strength. In this module, I give that to you.

I break down the thought patterns of a superhero or a high level, high performing human. 

And make it EASY to understand and use.

When you use this, manifesting becomes effortless.

Your mind becomes a powerful tool that you can just decide to use for anything. 

Module 8: Your ‘Unstoppable’ Morning Routine

  • Learn how to use a ‘habit stacking’ and addictive morning routine to change your life and set yourself up right, every single day. This morning routine will let you wake up as early as you want without feeling tired, and get you on the ‘fast track’ to success
  • The ULTIMATE Morning Routine Template: In this video we go through creating the perfect morning routine that will help keep you healthy, slow down the ageing process, increase your energy and give you more focus

Module 9: Unlocking Creativity With Flow State Secrets

  • In this module we explore how to easily and effectively access ‘flow state’. This is a beautiful state where the two hemispheres of your brain are synchronised and in harmony, allowing you to experience enhanced focus and creativity
  • Learn several powerful ‘flow state triggers’ that will propel you into this state of mind, and let you unleash your creativity or focus like Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless’! (I seriously have people ask me every week how I’m able to focus so clearly, and get so much done!)

Module 10: The Big Picture – Putting It All Together

  • Learn how all of this fits together, and can transform your life faster.
  • This can seem like a lot of information, but if you follow this action plan, it’s like I’m there with you, guiding you every step of the way.
  • I’ve structured the course in such a way that you’ll get lots of ‘quick wins’ and catch lots of ‘low hanging fruit’ as you go through the course. Small things that can make a BIG difference to how you feel and to your vibrations.

So What’s Inside The Human Optimisation System?

1: Members Area (Lifetime Access) Including PDF Notes (VALUE: $3497)

  • Unlimited lifetime access to the members area, where you can view all of the 33+ videos (at the time of writing this). I’m CONSTANTLY adding new videos, PDFs and bonus content to this members area, and you’ll get all of that for no extra cost, for life (even if the price goes up in the future)
  • Watch the videos on any device, login to the members area from anywhere in the world. You can even download the AUDIOS of the videos and listen to them on your phone or MP3 player while you’re out running or working out so you can save time, and raise your vibrations quicker
  • The video course guides you through the step by step action plan, and helps you transform your life. Raise your vibrations, unlock your gifts and manifest a completely new reality, but it won’t feel ‘overwhelming’. You can learn at your own pace, and decide how quickly to progress
  • Bonus content and mystery gifts are always added to this members area, at no extra cost! Bonus content and mystery gifts are always added to this members area, at no extra cost!
Lifetime Email Support copy3

2: Lifetime Email Support From AstralHQ (Value $497)

  • Get your questions answered via email, from our team. This is a really helpful way to get all of your problems dealt with, and for guidance.

3: Raise Your Vibrations Program PDF (Value $97)

  • This huge PDF Program covers some main concepts of ‘biohacking’ and raising your vibrations.This is perfect for if you prefer just hearing the audios and reading a PDF! The PDF guide can be printed out, read on your phone, or you could work through it at the same time as watching the videos.
  • This program actually covers some things that are not mentioned in the video course as well, so it’s good to read this as well as going through the video course!

4: FREE BONUS: Open Your Third Eye Masterclass Training (Value $97)

  • A masterclass showing the most effective step by step way to open your third eye, raise your vibrations faster, and unlock your spiritual gifts. This masterclass summarises various ancient knowledge, personal growth concepts, and spiritual ‘biohacks’, as well as a few extra things.

5: FREE BONUS: Spiritual Ascension Binaural Beats (Value $97)

  • This is a further package of 5 hours or more of spiritual, meditation and ascension audios. Listen to them at night to boost your frequency and sleep more deeply. This is the first package we produced, before learning about the advanced encoding methods used for ‘Shifting Vibrations’.

6: FREE BONUS: Sleep Hacker: 50 Ways To Improve Your Sleep (Value $97)

  • The Sleep Hacker program shows you over 50 powerful ways to enhance, optimise and improve your sleep quality! This was originally released on my other site, Transcend Your Limits, but I decided the concepts would really help anyone and I felt it would make a great addition to this program.

7: FREE BONUS: ‘Golden Morning’ Power Affirmations (Value $47)

  • A series of highly effective morning routine affirmations and mantras to repeat to yourself. PDF program comes with instructions on how to use them, why they work, and how to customise them to your own needs and situation.

FREE COURSE: Astral Discovery Program: Learn Astral Projection (Value $297)

  • Astral Discovery was our flagship astral projection course, and it’s now part of the Superhuman Program as a bonus! It’s a very detailed video course with audio downloads, PDF notes, bonuses and more teaching you how to astral project SAFELY. I’ve also included my beginners astral projection ebook with this.
That’s a total value of $4726 but right now, we’re offering it at a HUGE discount…

Typically, the cost of high level personal transformation coaching can be anywhere from $5000 to $50,000.

It’s cost me many thousands of dollars to learn, research and collect these concepts and principles, and create this system. But this is my MISSION, and I want this to be available for everyone.


I don’t want you to feel how I felt before…

I want you to feel happy, full of energy, motivated!

To become a fully optimised and LIMITLESS human…

Are You Ready To Raise Your Vibrations And Become A ‘Superhuman’? Your Life Will Be Transformed In 4 Weeks

  • + Members Area(Lifetime Access) Including PDF Notes (VALUE: $3497)
  • +Raise Your Vibrations Vibrations PDF Program (VALUE: $97)
  • +FREE BONUS: ‘Golden Morning’ Power Affirmations (VALUE: $47)
  • +Lifetime Email Support From AstralHQ (VALUE: $497)
  • +FREE BONUS: Open Your Third Eye Masterclass Traning (VALUE: $97)
  • +FREE BONUS: Spiritual Ascension Binaural Beats (VALUE: $97)
  • +FREE BONUS: Sleep Hacker; 50 Ways To Improve Your Sleep (VALUE: $97)
  • +FREE BONUS: Astral Discovery Program: Learn Astral Projection (VALUE: $297)

$497 $197 Once (Best Value, Most Popular)

  • Join by paying the full amount. This is the best value deal and also the most popular option. 

$62.50/Month For 4 Months (TOTAL $250)

  • Join using the payment plan, spreading the investment over 4 months. You’ll pay $62.50 per month for 4 months, TOTAL: $250.

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Our 60 Day ‘TRIPLE Moneyback’ Higher Vibes Guarantee

This is backed by our ‘triple moneyback’ guarantee meaning…

1: If you don’t get the higher vibrations or results you wanted, you can get all of your money back up to 60 days from today. You can even keep the entire course and all the free bonuses.

2: If you find the exercises annoying, too difficult, or you don’t know EXACTLY what to do to RAISE your frequency on autopilot, you can get all of your money back and keep the course. 

3: If you’re having a bad day, you don’t like the sound of my voice, you can get your money back and keep the course. I want this to be an absolute no-brainer for you. 

Is This For You?

This system might seem a bit confusing to some, because this could literally apply to anyone. Anyone could want more energy and motivation, right? Anyone could benefit from raising their vibrations…

Well, that’s the point!

I wanted to create a system that would transform anyone’s life, if they followed it. You don’t HAVE to believe in anything ‘spiritual’ if you don’t want to, this will still give you HUGE results in just a few weeks.

You don’t HAVE to want to open your third eye, that will happen naturally.

When you follow this system, your old life is over.

You’ll transform and create a new life full of happiness, more energy, increase intuition and where you attract other positive, high vibe people!

Now is the perfect time to start this system, and change your life. Most ‘self help’ books aren’t that attractive, because you read them and then assume it’s just ‘too much work’. Well, this is different, because these are all proven concepts that will have RAPID results!

So you could literally try the first module, and you’ll see HUGE shifts in how you feel. This makes it very easy to carry on, even if you don’t think you have the motivation or willpower to go through it.

Try it out risk free, go through the first module or two and you’ll WANT to continue! It will become addictive, and you’ll be amazed at the new life you’ve created for yourself.

Commonly Asked Questions

I Drink Lots Of Water, Exercise, Sleep Well AND Have Goals, But I’m Still Tired. Will It Work For Me?

This is designed to help you even if NOTHING else has worked for you before. Even if you’ve been trying to raise your vibrations or increase your energy, this will work for you. If you follow the action plan, you’ll transform your life and unlock limitless abundance, energy and happiness!It’s literally based on proven principles, and leverages how the body and mind work. It’s likely you’ll have several ‘breakthrough’ or ‘aha’ moments during this program!

I’ve Tried Other ‘Personal Growth Programs’ But They’ve Not Worked, Will This Work?

Other programs tend to be either not very effective, or focused on just ONE area. That can be good, but typically you’re struggling with low energy or low vibrations because of a NUMBER of things and most of the time you’re not aware of that.This course reveals the bigger picture, and how to improve all of the core areas of energy and vibration. That makes it much more likely to work for you. Besides, you can try this risk free because there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

I Can’t Lucid Dream Or Astral Project, Will This Help With That?

If you’ve come here from my lucid dreaming or astral projection work, YES this will help with that! By raising your vibrations and following this system, a nice side effect is that your third eye will open, and you’ll astral project and lucid dream more naturally. The principles here improve your sleep, raise your self awareness and unlock your pineal gland, so you’ll experience natural lucid dreams and astral projection!

I Live Or Work With Low Vibration NEGATIVE People (Maybe Family) That I Can’t Avoid, Can I Still Get Results?

Absolutely. In fact, an entire module of this course is dedicated to dealing with low energy people, situations, and places. Even if you’re ‘stuck’ living with someone who’s bringing you down or they’re low vibration and energy, you’ll learn how to very effectively get around that!

I Want To Open My Third Eye And Unlock Spiritual Gifts, Will This Help?

Yes. The system shows you how to change your reality, and raise your vibrations. This will unlock your third eye, and open up your spiritual gifts. You’ll notice your intuition is stronger, and you’re much more easily able to pick up on the messages the Universe is sending you. High vibe people are attracted to other high vibe people so you’ll probably attract new friends with the same passions and interests as you!

What If I Try It Out But Don’t Like It, Can I REALLY Get A Full Refund?

Yes, if you decide it’s not for you, or you don’t like it you can email me and I’ll give you a full refund instantly. No questions asked. I really want you to be happy and satisfied with this system! My challenge to you is to try it out for 5 days, and see the positive effects.You’ll notice your energy shifting, your sleep improving, and people commenting about a ‘new energy’ about you!

I Can’t Afford This System.

Consider what your time is worth to you right now. Let’s say if your time is worth $20 an hour, or even $10 an hour, how much would it save you to be able to work 3X as effectively? To be able to FOCUS 3X as well?

If you calculate it over the course of a year, it could save you $10,000 or more if you were able to focus and be more productive. Not to mention you’ll FEEL a lot better as well. The cost of high level transformation coaching or mentorship is typically about $20,000 or more, and the cost of a similar program like this is about $2000-$4000.

Right now, you’re getting $4726 of value for just 197 dollars! But don’t think too much about that, instead just try it out risk free for 30 days. If you don’t feel a MASSIVE difference in your energy levels and how you feel, you can get a full refund!

Why Should I Astral Project?

Astral projection can open the door to some pretty amazing experiences. You can explore other dimensions, realms, and do things that I REALLY can’t explain or describe with words or language. You have to see for yourself, and really astral projection is just the start.

It’s like learning to walk, in a new world. You’ll be able to decide what you do there, and that could be any number of things. You could decide to gain insights, knowledge or wisdom. You could decide to reconnect with lost loved ones or friends, the choice is yours. I’m just opening the door for you.

Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

No. Astral projection is not dangerous unless you’re doing it for negative or bad reasons. If you’re trying to use astral projection to cause someone else harm, then you might experience bad side effects, or negative effects like headaches and a ringing sensation. This isn’t harmful or dangerous, rather it might just put you off.

If you’re trying to use astral projection for positive and personal growth related reasons, there are no dangers or risks at all, and it will actually improve your life. This is a natural ability that we ALL have, we’ve just forgotten about it. And because most of us have forgotten, there’s a bit of a funny ‘stigma’ about it.

People assume it’s strange, dangerous or weird. The truth is it’s just like meditation. It improves your life, mindset, energy and feelings. You just have to learn how to do it, and be patient!’

The Way I See It, You Have 3 Options…

  • Option 1: Ignore this page, close this tab and ‘bury your head in the sand’. Forget all about raise your vibrations and becoming a superhuman, and try to not think about what else is ‘out there’. You’ll probably get back to this moment in a few months/years, and realise that you HAVE to know what it’s like!
  • Option 2: Try and figure things out for yourself. Try and read articles, put things together and struggle through until SOMETHING happens. It could take years, there’s no way of telling. This is likely what you’ve been doing so far, and it’s not really been working, has it?
  • Option 3: Start The Human Optimisation System. Follow the practical steps and start experiencing higher energy and higher frequency, within just a few weeks. This is by far the smart option here, so take advantage of my knowledge and this proven system!

Take the red pill, and start experiencing higher vibrations and frequency for yourself.