The Astral plane is a realm where the sprit goes when it LEAVES the body.

It can leave through astral projection or when one finally dies. To better understand it, many philosophers may refer to it as being either heaven or hell. It is Populated by spirits and other beings which are not in their physical form but exist as energy.

There are different LEVELS in the astral plane.

Each of them is separated from the next by different vibrational frequencies. Think of it this way. Religion has taught us of a heaven and a hell. These are just astral planes with different frequencies in their vibration with hell having a lower frequency than heaven.


Everything in existence is vibrations.

Whether it’s a solid or a sound. When one astral projects, they alter their energy vibrations allowing them to move from low frequency realms like earth to other realms.

To move to higher and higher levels of the astral plane, one needs to keep increasing the frequency of their vibrations.

Astral realm

As we have seen, the astral plane is not empty. It is home to spirits and other life forms in their non-physical state. So, who are these beings?

Who is on the Astral Plane?

Spirits, angels, demigods are just some of the beings that exist in the spirit world. They have different intentions and temperaments with some being nice, helpful and even playful. Others prefer to be alone while some are easily angered and even evil.

Animals in their spirit form also exist here. You can find any type that exists on earth in its physical form.

Lions, sharks, eagles, and even insects. Some of these are friendly while some are very dangerous.

The beings on the astral plane all in all seem to keep to themselves having no interest in what goes on around them. They will normally keep to their level on the astral. These spirits have no idea of what goes on in other levels of the astral plane and are quite content with their place. When you astral project and move through the different levels, only then will they show interest. Seemingly not something they encounter often.

We might want to believe that there are no other living entities in the spirit world other than ourselves, but that is not true. To gain a better and deeper understanding, let us look at the beings of the astral plane in more detail.

Beings of the Astral Plane

Here is a list of the beings, entities or spirits you can find in the astral realm or astral plane.

  • Celestials. These are good natured beings that exist in the upmost levels of the astral plane. They will help you, offer guidance and protection. Many religions have different names for them but the common ones are angels, guardian angels and spirit guides.
  • Dragons. Our common image of these are huge reptiles with large wings and jaws filled with sharp teeth. In truth however, dragons may come in different sizes and colours.
  • Demons. These have free access to all levels of the astral plane. They include entities with highly negative energy and like to cause a lot of chaos. Demons are of different types. Some examples are the incubus.
  • Elementals. Among the most common and type of elementals that we are aware of are beings made out of fire, earth, air and water. Some people have certainly heard of these. Other much rarer forms of elementals that exist in the astral plane include quasi and para.
  • Fairies. These are creatures of myth and legend that align themselves with nature. They act as its guardians and protectors. Examples are sprites, satyrs, dryads and pixies.
  • Fiends. Unlike celestials, fiends exist as negative energy. They are to be avoided and will cause nothing but chaos. They are found mainly on the lower levels of the astral plane but can also venture up to the mid-levels. Some of these fiends include the mancubus and cornugon.
  • Vampire. Common perception of vampires are creatures that will suck blood from you, turn you into a vampire yourself or kill you. But as we have seen, to exist in the astral plane, you have to be of pure energy. As such vampires are entities that feed off the energy of others in order to boost their own.
  • Spirits. These represent the energy of people who are dead. Spirits still have memories of their physical life but some have lost either all of it or a small portion of it.

Protecting Yourself on the Astral Plane

As we have already seen, the astral plane comprises of many different entities. Each of them has a different nature. This is why for those wishing to astral project, it is important to know how to protect yourself and keep yourself away from beings that can drain your energy.

While astral projecting, there is no risk of dying. However, a frightening experience will mean that you will not be able to explore the full potential of the astral realm.

Lower levels of the astral plane contain most of the fears of human beings. The upper levels host the more pleasant beings. However, to get to the higher levels, one needs to pass through the lower ones and this is why you need to know how to keep yourself from negative experiences.

How to stay safe in the astral realm

Let’s look at the main steps below.

  • Increase vibration: Low levels on the astral realm have low energy beings. These are negative entities that most people are afraid of. To ensure they are not attracted to you, you will need to raise your vibrations. To do this, avoid feelings of anger, despair, hatred anxiety and fear. Instead focus on love, courage, kindness, humility and joy. Your light will shine brighter moving you to even higher levels where the most positive beings exist. (You could also use astral crystals to protect yourself)
  • Raise your frequency: It’s important to look to raise your vibrations and frequency before astral projecting too much. We have a long list of frequency raising tools for astral projection that you might want to check out!
  • Evade. When you encounter find a negative being waiting to latch on to you, there are certain evasive manoeuvres that you can take. You can opt to go back to your body whenever its unsafe and wait for the next time. By increasing your vibration, you can also rise to higher levels where the good ones are.
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How to astral travel fast

There are many ways you could learn to astral project, but here’s the thing: 

It can be difficult.

You need to learn the right things, from someone who’s actually done it. Astral projection is all about ‘hacking’ your body and getting inside some natural processes. There are techniques you can use to make it happen.

So let me offer some suggestions: 

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