So you may or may not be aware of the candle technique for astral projection. It basically involves looking at a candle flame and using this awareness and focus to direct yourself into an OBE. We’ll cover a few key points here, as well as some tips. Before you read this guide make sure that you know the normal method for astral projection.

What is the candle method?

The candle method is a way of using your focus on an object such as a candle to stay focused on the right point as you enter an OBE.

It could be a candle, it could even be focusing on a single point in the room but many find that using a candle works MUCH better because the flame is never completely still. It gives you something relaxing and soothing to look at as well. If you’re just looking at a single point in yor room it could be easy to get distracted and look at the points next to it, and before you know it you’re just staring round your room.

Looking just at a candle will help you learn to astral project better. You’ll be able to start at the flame for longer, and this means you’ll find it easier to have an OBE using the candle method.


How does it work?

It works because all the time you’re staring at the candle flame, (We’ll get into how to do it in just a moment) you’re maintaining your focus on ONE thing. This is key for astral projection and will help you easily slip outside of your body. People also say that the focus on the flame relaxes you so much that it just makes the whole thing easier.

Focusing on the flame will also leave an ‘after image’ on your eyelids so that when you close your eyes, if you do it right you’ll already have a sort of ‘dot’ that you can see while your eyes are closed, meaning you can more easily focus on your third eye and astral project that way.

Astral projection using a candle – The beginners tutorial

So, the first thing you want to do is find yourself a nice quiet relaxed place to try the candle technique. Astral projection is something that needs peace, quiet and a soothing environment. You can’t easily do it in public, specially not surrounded by lots of people.

The first step is to actually get yourself a candle! The candle could be any size, but bear in mind that you’re going to be leaving your physical body and therefore leaving the flame unwatched for a period of time. Make sure it’s one that won’t easily topple over and cause damage!

It might also help to have a ‘drip tray’ or just put the candle on a plate or something like that, so that the hot wax won’t run onto your carpet and ruin it! So, now that you’ve got your candle, turn off all distractions and light it in a relaxed place. Get comfortable and sit in your chair.

Oh, we should have mentioned, this technique is best done sitting down in a chair, since it’s not that easy to comfortably look at a candle while laying down. You may find a way to do this, but if not just get comfortable in a chair that supports your weight and that you won’t topple over in.

Focus your attention on the flame

Many people find it’s easier to focus on the EDGE of the flame, rather than the very middle of it. So focus on wherever feels best for you.

The ‘sweet spot’ to focus on is the very edge where the flame meets the air. This flickering line is the best place to look at. Now, for a good 10 minutes or more just stare at it. You will probably find it helpful to have some relaxing music on in the background, like some chillstep.

Don’t try and think about anything and just let yourself fall into the candle trance. IT is actually fairly easy to do this. The candle flame relaxes you fast, specially with music in the background.

Become unaware of your physical body

After 20 minutes or so you’ll start to find that you’re not realy aware of your physical body. You’re so focused and ‘pulled in’ to the candle flame that you’re not aware of your physical body and the space it’s taking up. At this stage, gently close your eyes. Don’t force this, just let the eyelids drop naturally.

Leave your physical body

Now, just like when you normally do astral projection let your astral body slip away from your physical one. If you need reminding how to do this, see the beginners astral projection guide.

Did it work? If you enjoyed this beginners guide to the candle method please share it with your friends. Only if you want to though!