When it comes to astral travel, you will experience a wide range of concepts related to it.

Some more important than others.

Amongst the important concepts include silver cord.

After all, it plays an important role in astral travel.

Astral travel is defined as an intentional out-of-body experience – your consciousness leaves your physical body to transcend into an astral plane.

So, how exactly does the silver cord play a role in astral travel?

Well, to be able to understand how exactly a silver cord works, you need to first know what it is.

So, What exactly is the silver cord (relating to astral travel)?

In metaphysical studies and literature, the silver cord is known as the sutratma or life thread of the Antahkarana. It describes alife giving linkage from the higher self (Atma) down to the physical body.

Additionally, the silver cord may define an extended three of the Atma and physical body linkage and the second thread of consciousness.

The second thread passes from the soul to the physical body – connecting it to the etheric body, astral body, and ultimately, the mental body.

However, this thread design is not only existent for the sake of it.

It is there for a reason.

The Silver cord is the thread connecting you to your physical body so you don’t get ‘trapped’ or lost in the astral realm.

It’s debatable whether or not you COULD get lost in this way but it’s fairly well known that the silver cord connects you to your physical body.

Whilst we do know a bit about human silver cords, there’s still a lot that’s unknown.

However, what we do know is that it can help you navigate around the area near your physical body.

It helps you to return to your physical reality whenever you want. It can also help you instantly get back to your physical body if you want to.

Ultimately, it is what connects the human spirit to the body.

Think of it this way;

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord is what connects an unborn baby to its mother.

It helps to feed them and keep them alive.

It also functions as a medium that connects the baby and the placenta – thus, without it the unborn baby is unable to survive.

However, when we think of this new being, developing inside their mother’s womb, this is as far as we think of when it comes to their growth and development.

Forgetting that the unborn child experiences more than just feeding and revitalization.

There’s a little bit more to their growth and development – their spirit.

underneath the umbilical cord of a developing unborn child is another cord that is responsible for bestowing your child’s soul into them.

During pregnancy, at a certain point, the mother will feel their child move for the very first time.

This movement is an indicator that their unborn child has been ensouled. Thus, with its arrival, the soul takes over the fetus.

This connection is powered through the silver cord. Just like how the umbilical cord connects the fetus with sustenance during the pregnancy period.

The silver cord connects the fetus and the soul. It continues to hold this connection throughout their life until death happens.

It is during this time when the spirit is detached from the silver cord. Thus, when you are learning how to astral travel, it is worth knowing at least a bit about the silver cord.

What does the cord look like?

The silver cord has been said to look like an inch wide strand of tinsel.

It’s also been said to look something like an elastic string of energy.

It really depends on the person, as some people don’t even see anything at all.

Here’s the weird part:

Despite it being commonly known and referred to, it’s actually not seen that often.

People only report seeing it when they have an NDE (near death experience) – more proof that it connects your spirit to your physical body.

However, for most astral travelers, it’s invisible.

Rather, regular travelers report just feeling ‘separate’ from their physical body without actually being able to see the cord.

Again, this goes to individuals who are scared of astral travel as they believe it may lead to death.

Unlike a near death experience, you are less likely to see the silver cord during astral travel.

Even if you don’t see the silver cord it’s still there, in the form of a ‘tethering’ energy keeping you linked to your physical body.

Don’t worry if you don’t see it. Not everyone does, but just know that it IS there all the time.

However, according to astral travelers such as Ballabene, you can see the position of the silver cord on your body.

For example, when Ballabene had an out-of-body experience, he began to move away from his physical body. From his astral body, he could turn around and face the physical body – watching the silver cord protrude from his backside to connect to the physical body at the abdomen.

According to Ballabene, the root of the silver cord is always directed towards the physical body rather than the astral body.

Typically, the silver cord root is located at the back and breast or at the heat and head and forehead.

The position of the silver cord root is determined by the focus of consciousness – whether it is body-centered or mental centered.

Then, on either side of the silver cord ends, on the physical and astral body, it is normal widened – as a tree root looks.

Ballarene goes on to describe how his silver cord formed as his astral body began the process of leaving his physical body.

During his out-of-body experience, his astral body appeared to be covered by a series of elastic cords tied to the physical body.

It was like the strings were in a glue-like stringy consistency.

As Ballarene rocked his astral body away from his physical body, the series of stringy cords began to rupture.

The rupture was caused by the pressure released due to the motions of the larger astral body.

However, not all stings are ruptured – just enough to let the astral body pass through – leaving behind a link that connects the two bodies.

What happens when the silver cord is broken?

When the silver cord is broken, you’re dead.

Sounds pretty dark, but don’t worry. It’s NOT easy to break the silver cord, and it’s not like you can ‘accidentally’ break it just by doing normal astral travel.

Usually, the cord can only be broken when your physical body is killed.

Depending on HOW you’re killed or die, you may have an NDE.

This means ‘Near death experience’.

Let’s say for example, that you have a heart attack. Your astral body will start to move further and further away from your physical body, still connected by the silver cord UP TO A POINT.

If you’re revived before you’ve traveled too far, then you can be pulled back using your silver cord and brought back to life.

This is why many people have reported seeing themselves rising up out of their bodies when they’ve had heart attacks or other near death experiences.

They’ve experienced their astral body being separate from their physical body.

Much longer and the cord would have been broken and they’d be permanently dead.

Your body is smart though:

If you’re about to die from something SUDDEN like a car crash or falling from a building, your body snaps the cord for you before you experience impact.

This is to stop you from experiencing the intense sudden moment of pain before death and allows you to pass peacefully.

History of the silver cord

The silver cord in the bible

The silver cord has been referred to again and again throughout many cultures, religions, and history books.

The most popular mention is actually a religious one, in the bible.

It’s specifically mentioned in Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 in the Christian old testament.

The meaning of the silver cord in the bible is as follows (direct quote):

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

That being said, there is some debate as to EXACTLY what it means when it was translated.

It was slightly unclear what the exact translation should have been.

It’s still clear from this that it has been talked about and known about for many many years.

Remember the example about the umbilical cord above?

Well, it turns out that the silver cord and the umbilical do hold a deeper link.

The link between the silver cord and the umbilical cord

There is a well known link between the silver cord linked with astral travel, and the umbilical cord, birth, and babies.

Here’s how it works:

It’s said that the experience of traveling through a ‘tunnel’ like formation is similar to when a baby is born and travels through the birth canal, connected via an umbilical cord.

There are strong connections between these two experiences.

It’s said that astral travel is linked to getting closer to the origin and meaning of life, and involution.

The silver cord and birth

It’s also said that when a baby is first born, they’re very close to the ‘answer to life’ or ‘ascension’, because they’re as close to death as they’ll ever get .

The umbilical cord is life-giving for babies, and a baby would die if the cord were cut during pregnancy.

In the same way, the silver cord gives life to your body and connects your physical body with your higher self (or your Atma).

It’s also been said that those born through a C section who go on to learn astral projection DON’T experience the silver cord (they don’t see it at all).

As one begins to age or approaching death, their silver cord link with the physical body begins to slowly weaken and separates itself.

This ultimately creates an irreversible separation of the physical and astral body.

Thus, death can be viewed as a permanent astral projection.

Silver cord and astral projection

Let’s trace back to astral projection.

Many astral travelers experience it in four common ways.

These include;

  • Unintentionally and unconsciously
  • Unintentionally but consciously
  • Internationally but unconsciously
  • Intentionally and consciously

An intentional and conscious astral travel is the least common one – in fact, it is a rare occurrence for many travelers.

On the other end, an unintentional and conscious out-of-body experience is more common – and the majority of people have experienced it.

This is true even for those who don’t necessarily believe in astral protection – explaining why not many people report it as astral travel but rather, as a dream.

Think of this – 

Ever been asleep and then, suddenly feel yourself float. When you wake up, you can feel that you are floating (and even see your physical body still asleep).

It’s like you are in sleep paralysis.

The expected reaction by many people is that they would panic. However, panicking doesn’t help.

Rather, it further aggravates your fears – making your physical body and astral body run out of synch – in a different vibration.

It is only after you finally relax (whether you are praying or have given up) will your astral body finally flow back into your physical body

Forcing you to actually wake up in the physical form.

It is believed that you are not lost in the astral plane or permanently astral project as the silver cord is there to connect the two bodies.

Generally, seeing a silver cord during astral projection is a rare occasion as well – nearly impossible for many people during astral travel.

However, this doesn’t mean that all astral travelers have never observed a silver cord.

Some experienced astral travelers have reported seeing glue-like strings appearing as their astral body separates itself from their physical body.

This occurs as they go through an out of body experience.

However, as the astral body moves away from their physical bodies – the strings begin to slowly break apart into smaller regions.

These regions may be different parts of the body such as the head or stomach – eventually forming the silver cord.

As mentioned above, whether you see it or not, a silver cord appears as a sign or guarantee that your spirit will not be lost as you wander off during astral projection.

In fact, according to the many astral projectors, the silver cord is quite useful as it offers a quick way for the astral body to return to the physical body.

Furthermore, the silver cord limits the astral body’s wandering into long distances. 

Thus, if your astral body moves at a further distance, the silver cord pulls it back.

As mentioned above, the silver cord is attached to the bodies at different locations.

Similarly, the spirit enters the body at different locations after astral travel as well.

Thus, there is a connection between the silver cord, chakras, and afterlife realms according to some experienced astral travelers.

These include;

  • Location of the spiritual centers in the body
  • The location where the spirit leaves ad returns during OBE
  • The location where the silver cord is connected
  • Location of an afterlife realm

If you want to look at both a scientific and spiritual eye, the endocrine glands of the body correspond directly with the spiritual centers.

These spiritual centers, in turn, are connected astrologically to a particular afterlife realm through the silver cord.

Think of parts of the endocrine system such as the pineal pituitary glands in the head or adrenal glands near the abdomen – the same sights the silver cord would be connected.

How to protect your silver cord

You don’t really have to do much to protect your silver cord.

That being said, all you have to do is make sure your chakras are kept clean and unblocked.

You should practice meditation regularly. This will help keep you in line with your higher self.

Tips and important warnings

There are a few things you really should be aware of regarding your silver cord when astral traveling.

These should be read and understood before you attempt to astral project:

  • Your astral cord or silver cord can’t be broken unless you die, BUT you need to keep your vibrations HIGH!
  • What we mean by this, is don’t allow fear into your mind. You wouldn’t walk down a dark alleyway while counting wads of cash, so don’t astral project when you’re scared, upset, or fearful of the entities you’ll meet there (it’s common sense)
  • During astral travel, there will be entities you come across that want to have sexual experiences with you. Be wary of these, as they can suck a lot of your energy and willpower into them.
  • Work on improving yourself, meditating, and becoming a more rounded, stronger person.

After all, you have to remember the key roles of the silver cord.

These include;

  • Nourishing your astral and physical body with vital life energy
  • It keeps the spirit and soul attached to the physical body through the universal life force