When your third eye is open, you can see the world through a new lens. The third eye is a source of deeply embedded psychic abilities and powerful insights that can help you on the spiritual path.

If you are unprepared for the opening of your third eye, the experience can feel overwhelming.

With the relevant knowledge of what happens when the third eye opens, you will be equipped to handle the experience and use it to enrich your inner and outer worlds.

The third eye is closely linked to deep spiritual wisdom and intuition. When it is opened, you unlock abilities that you didn’t even realize existed previously.

Do you suspect that your third eye is open?

By the way I actually made a short video about the most common SIGNS your third eye is open:

After reading this detailed post, you’ll be left with no doubts.

What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is located between and slightly above the eyebrows. It is the central point of your imagination, intuition, and foresight. When the third eye is opened, one’s perception of life is transformed.

Do you ever suddenly get an impulse to make a spontaneous decision?

Does your ability to sense things before they happen puzzle you?

The third eye is responsible for both of these occurrences.

Intuition is a gift that every person has, but our ability to tune into it can be diminished if we ignore it frequently in our lives.

However, opening the third eye reactivates our intuitive powers that may have been dormant for long periods.

On the spiritual path, the third eye is a highly valuable tool for navigating your way through the constant process of change. It provides you with clarity, reassurance, and guidance.

If your third eye is open, you are likely to experience several physical, emotional, and mental side effects. They may seem scary at first, but once you’re familiar with them, these newfound sensations can bring you comfort. 

10 Signs That Your Third Eye is Open Already

The third eye, or the pineal gland, has been a topic of interest amongst spiritual seekers for centuries.

As our knowledge of the chakras increases, more and more people are experiencing the opening of their third eye.

As with any spiritual experience, there are physical and mental consequences.

Without being aware of the signs to look for which signify that your third eye is open, it is easy to misinterpret these symptoms and see them in a negative light.

In the list below, you can find the most common signs that your third eye is open.

Let’s get into it!

1: You Get Headaches

The process of opening the third eye often results in frequent headaches. They are likely to start as mild, short-lived episodes, but can become more regular and intense throughout the process.

The reason that opening the third eye commonly causes headaches is due to the efforts of your Kundalini energy. This energy is responsible for finalizing the process of opening your third eye.

The energy has risen to the area of the pineal gland, causing pressure to build around the third eye chakra.

The experience of spiritual awakening is often painful initially. All growth is painful to an extent, so you should embrace this and see it as a sign that the process is in its final stages.

For alleviating the headaches caused by opening your third eye, you could try some deep breathing or meditation techniques.

2: Pressure in the Centre of the Eyebrows

It is also common that having a third eye initially causes a build-up of pressure between the eyebrows.

The symptom is prevalent at the beginning of the process, but it also carries on for a while afterward.

The cause for this buildup of pressure is thought to be an expansion of spiritual energy, and quite literally, an opening is being formed where new realizations and revelations are let in.

You might feel a gentle pulsation around the pineal gland, or a more intense squeezing feeling in that area.

It’s also normal to feel the temperature of your forehead rise when the third eye is open. This is simply energy being transmitted through the pineal gland.

3: Predicting the Future

Now that we’ve covered the physical signs that your third is open, let’s move on to the spiritual and mental side-effects.

The third eye is strongly associated with our ability to predict the outcomes of future events.

Some people have a hard time believing that foresight is possible, but once you’ve experienced it, you will know that it is a truly astonishing skill to have.

If your third eye is open, you are likely to receive certain clues and inclinations of what will occur in the future.

This could be presented in the form of numerology, which I cover in detail in a previous post.

This might be received as a physical feeling like a slight pull in your stomach, or, it may be received by your imagination and thoughts.

This is perhaps the greatest power of opening your third eye. It allows you to use your inner compass to gauge which direction you should take.

The more you pay attention to your ability to foresee future events, the more you will receive these signs.

When the third eye opens, you are likely to receive hunches that help you to make certain decisions, or take action.

The third eye chakra is strongly linked to your vibrational frequency. When it becomes opened, your vibration raises, which allows you to predict future happenings with surprising accuracy.

It’s normal to feel confused by this newfound ability at first, but as you embrace it and learn to trust your foresight, it can be of great use in everyday life.

If you experience accurate future predictions, this is a very strong sign that your third eye has fully opened.

4: Increased Intuition

Intuition is a common side effect of the third eye-opening.

This results in you getting strong feelings that seem to come from a place beyond thought. 

You can use your inner compass to navigate your way through life.

Intuition is strongly linked to the pineal gland.

5: Lifestyle Changes

Opening your third eye allows you to analyze your lifestyle and habits with more clarity.

Perhaps you suddenly started to crave healthy foods and stopped desiring processed foods.

Or maybe you’ve had an urge to get the running shoes out from the closet for the first time in a while.

The third eye opening causes you to break of your habitual way of living, and see your everyday habits from an objective standpoint.

Many people report drastically changing their lifestyles for the better after their third eye chakra is activated.

The health of the body is closely linked to spiritual awareness. Cleansing the body of toxins allows us to feel the spiritual energy more prominently than when we are unconsciously putting all kinds of detrimental things into our system.

6: Light & Sound Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity to light and sound is another common sign that your third eye is open.

Colors may appear brighter than before, especially when in nature.

Spiritual awakening could be described as a cleansing of the senses, where everything looks and sounds like it did when you first experienced it.

An open third eye has a similar effect. It removes the mundane aspect of looking at things and hearing sounds and reconnects us with the amazing sensitivity of our sensory faculties.

If you find that you have become more sensitive to certain lights and sounds, don’t worry, this shouldn’t last for too long. The effect of the third eye opening will begin to normalize when you adjust to your new perception of the world around you.

7: Synchronicity

When the third eye opens, we gain new insights into the spiritual realm.

A common perspective that results from the opening of the third eye, is becoming aware of synchronicity.

Although synchronicity is always there for us to see, we block it out under the habitual thought patterns that we have built over our lives.

If you suddenly find yourself connecting the dots and seeing the links between your thoughts, feelings, actions, and events, this is a good sign that your third eye has been opened.

Synchronicities lead us to understand that every single event happens for a reason, to move us forward on our spiritual journey.

It’s hard to spot them when we’re weighed down by the heavy baggage we’ve amassed through social conditioning.

However, once your third eye is open, you will likely start to see synchronicity in all things, and this is a beautiful revelation to experience.

You can use this rediscovered ability to keep things in perspective. If something seems like a negative experience at the time, synchronicity tells us that it might be necessary for something much better to be manifested in the future.

8: Calmness

Have you been blessed with a sense of calmness? If so, this is a strong indicator that your third eye is open.

The pineal gland reconnects us with our intuition. This leads to a confidence that goes beyond conceptual thinking – a spiritual knowing that everything in the universe is exactly as it should be right at this moment.

The goal of any spiritual practice is inner peace and freedom from reactivity. Likewise, opening the third eye leads to detachment from the external world, this results in calmness.

The remarkable thing about the third eye is that when it opens, even the people who are deeply entrenched in their frustration or anger are suddenly eased into a calm, tranquil state.

You are still human, so don’t expect to be completely free from emotions and stress.

The difference is, once your third eye has opened, you no longer get invested in the stresses of life, but rather deal with them in a rational, non-resistant way.

You might find that a person with whom you usually have a volatile relationship suddenly apologizes for their actions, and your interactions become pleasant.

This is another beautiful side-effect of opening your third eye, it inspires others to increase their spiritual awareness, whether or not they consciously know it is happening.

9: Present Moment Awareness

Meditation is a useful practice for people who have experienced their third eye-opening.

It’s likely that if it has already happened to you, meditation is something that you have practiced before.

When the third eye fully opens, it can feel like you are meditating throughout your day.

You feel a stronger connection to nature and the external world.

This draws your attention to the present moment, where you can watch life unfold without any mental commentary.

10: Enhanced Self-Belief

Due to the increased sense of intuition that is a result of the third eye-opening, this also has a positive effect on the individual’s self-belief.

Mental conditioning holds us back because we have been programmed to accept limiting beliefs about what we can achieve, or who we could become.

When the third eye opens, a person is likely to see their full potential, and it can be quite shocking.

Your beliefs essentially decide what you are capable of doing. Therefore, it is likely that you have dropped old beliefs that are not serving you if your third eye has opened.

Can opening your third eye be dangerous?

Opening the third eye is a relatively safe process. It may cause some mild discomforts initially, such as physical pains, emotional outpourings, or facing up to the results of past actions.

In general, though, there is nothing to be afraid of. When your third eye is open, you have taken a giant step in your spiritual journey.

How to raise your vibrations

There are several things you can do to actually speed this process up.

You can RAISE your vibrations, and this is easier to do than you might think.

Watch my video to learn more:


Opening your third eye is an exhilarating, life-changing experience.

With your newfound abilities in intuition, you can predict events and connect the dots with pinpoint accuracy.

After reading this post, are you still convinced that your third eye is open?

If you don’t think it is, there’s no need to be discouraged. The third eye will open when the time is right.