Become ‘Unstuck’ And Effortlessly SHIFT To 5D Consciousness…

Join Our Small Tribe Of ‘Spiritual Biohackers’ And Learn The Most EFFECTIVE Ways To QUICKLY Raise Your Frequency And Ascend To 5D

  • Online transformational coaching and Workshops to help you ascend and raise your vibrations
  • Awakening Community: Find your TRIBE of like-minded spiritual beings
  • Unlock the powers of ‘spiritual biohacking’ to transform your body/mind and ascend
  • Join today! The price is jumping from $47 per month to $127 per month soon!

What Even IS A ‘Spiritual Biohacker’?

It sounds kinda strange, but that’s the name I gave this tribe because it summarises what it’s all about. We help people use proven ‘techniques’ or biohacks, methods and exercises to grow SPIRITUALLY…

To raise your vibrations, manifest abundance, change your reality, and master the divine hologram.

This is essentially my BEST ‘stuff’, and for that reason it’s only available for a small group of spiritual seekers.

You probably won’t be shown this again…

Can’t Raise Your Vibration? Manifest?

If you’ve been struggling to manifest or raise your vibration, it’s totally normal. There’s SO MUCH information, content and concepts out there.

It’s hard to know what to focus on, and what to actually learn or practice. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. How can you know what’s right or wrong?

Information also seems to change often, and new ideas are constantly being revealed. This can make the overwhelm even worse!

Here’s what I realised:

Your PERSONAL situation is very unique!

Your journey might look very different to other peoples. You need to be able ask questions, get coaching, answers, and interact with people on your journey.

And that’s where most programs, books, videos or courses fall short. They give you a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, that might not apply to your situation.

You might have questions or problems that aren’t covered.

The best approach in my opinion, is a more personalised one.

BUT, it needs to be affordable!

There are already lots of coaching programs, memberships and courses out there that offer more personalised support. The problem is, they often cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

I believe there is another way.

I’ve put together an exclusive membership tribe, for spiritual seekers like you. It includes monthly livestreams, new content, bonuses, extra video courses, PDFs, a private members community, and more.

You’ll get your personal questions answered, every month.

And it’s not thousands of dollars…

How The Spiritual Biohackers Tribe Will Help You

As you know, there’s a lot of information out there. It would take you several LIFETIMES to even read 10% of the books or content, about ONE TOPIC!

It’s simply not possible to know/learn/read everything.

So what’s the solution?

Focus on the ‘good stuff’.

The content, books, courses and concepts that ACTUALLY work, and have been proven. The best of the best.

A problem people have sometimes, is they’ll look very narrowly at one very specific area or topic. This makes them good at that one thing, but they miss out on the ‘bigger picture’.

This is most common among light workers, who might be really knowledgeable about history, or starseed updates, but have no idea why they’re still broke or sleeping badly.

You need to see the big picture.

What we’ve done, is to go VERY WIDE.

To look at the broadest possible range of sources of information. To summarise multiple books, instead of diving deep into one specific area. By summarising books, condensing expert interviews and making it all more concise, we’re able to cover a lot more ground.

Our approach is based on gathering lots of ‘dots’, and then connecting them together.

To match up 5000 year old knowledge from the Egyptians with modern day neuroscience and quantum mechanics.

To link philosophy with astrological cycles, or solar activity.

To link ideas that SEEM separate, with other ideas, and summarise what they’re TELLING US.

This not only saves time but means our conclusions are infinitely more likely to be correct.

And then from that approach, we can give highly targeted, personalised answers to a wide range of questions.

This Is Rarely Talked About On My Site and Channel

This tribe membership is very rarely talked about on my channels and sites. That’s because I REALLY want to keep this a private, exclusive group of spiritual seekers, who are improving themselves.

That way:

I’m able to spend more time helping you and making sure your questions are all answered! I aim to answer everyone’s question, every month.

I can’t do that if there are 50,000 members, so it will be a smaller, closer group of people.

One way of doing that, is by raising the price every few months. Don’t worry, it won’t affect you, but I’ll raise the price of this membership every few months that go by, for NEW members.

If you join today, you’ll ‘lock in’ whatever price you see on the page today, for LIFE.

It will never go up for you.

For future new members however, it will probably be higher. This is because:

A: The value gets higher and higher each month, as I add new content. (Livestreams, PDFs).


B: I want to keep the group relatively small, so I can help each person more. It’s also to make sure only people who are serious about improving themselves are here.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My names Stef, and I’m passionate and obsessed with spirituality and consciousness. I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and living this stuff.

I’ve completely changed my life, cured depression, anxiety, shyness, healed chronic acne and a rare knee condition, manifested abundance, owning a house and the love of my life.
I’d always loved figuring out how things work, and I took it to the extreme, learning how our brains, bodies, and reality works in detail.

But that wasn’t enough.

I wanted to go deeper, so I created a small research team. We summarised and linked hundreds of dots from ancient knowledge, to modern quantum physics, biology, biohacking, psychology and much more.

We wanted to see what all of the spiritual and personal growth concepts had in common, and what really worked.

Eventually, things started making sense:

What the Egyptians were saying 5000 years ago, matched what todays quantum mechanics is proving.

What the gurus of the 5th century were saying, had lots in common with modern day psychology, as well as 1000 year old wisdom from ancient China.

The big picture starting forming.

And we began putting together a mechanism, a structure of reality and spiritual growth, based on a wide range of sources.


The first thing I wanted to do soon after learning all of this and changing MY life, was to help others.

In the last few years especially, I really want to make this available to as many people as possible. To accelerate the awakening we’re seeing all around the world.

I offer a lot of content for free on my channels and site, but this I felt I had to charge a small monthly fee for. Firstly, because it’s ongoing, and I’m constantly adding new content 2+ times a month…

But also because psychologically, you’ll take it more seriously when you’re invested in it. You’ll USE it more, and listen more closely.

And finally, the small monthly cost allows me to keep doing this. To keep paying the research team, to look further, deeper and for longer. To be able to make this as good as we possibly can.

Spiritual Biohackers Membership Includes:

Regular Livestreams, Masterclasses, Workshops, Updates, New Content And More

(VALUE $9997)

Get all of your questions answered, every month. I’ll livestream and answer your questions on any topic relating to spirituality, personal growth, biohacking, health, mindset etc.

All Previous Livestream Replays

(VALUE $4997+)

Learn from our growing library of past livestream replays. A huge range of topics and content will make sure there’s something for your specific situation!

FIND YOUR TRIBE: Exclusive Private Spiritual Biohackers Community

(VALUE $997)

Connect with other like minded souls, and share your experiences, ask questions, learn from others! This is SO powerful, as we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

FREE BONUS: Mini Course on Opening your Third Eye Safely

(VALUE $997)

Learn powerful ways to unblock your pineal gland, raise your vibrations, and and unlock your spiritual and enhanced gifts. This is special and very effective for growing your spiritual gifts.

The true value of the Spiritual Biohackers Membership is potentially limitless, because it’s an ongoing members area, which has fresh content added every single month.

You’ll also have the chance to message me personally and ask your questions every month!

This type of coaching and access usually costs well over $10,000 and I do offer this to a very tiny (below 5) number of students, but the membership is by far the best value and a GREAT option for most people!

Total Value: $16,988+. Todays Price: Just $497

$47 Per Month! Cancel At Any Time, No Questions Asked!

Regular Livestreams, Updates, New Content And More (VALUE $9997)
All Previous Livestream Replays (VALUE $4997+)
Exclusive Private Spiritual Biohackers Community (VALUE $997)

FREE COURSE: Opening your Third Eye (VALUE $997)

Total Value: $16,988+,’Todays Price: $497 $47 Per Month For Access To Everything! (Lock In Low Lifetime Price Now)

30 Day ‘Higher Vibes Or It’s FREE' Money Back Guarantee

100% Safe & Secure Checkout

Cancel ANYTIME In 20 Seconds (No questions or contracts)

‘You Can Be 100% Confident About Joining This Tribe!

I want you to be 100% happy and confident about joining this tribe, and investing in yourself. I’m willing to offer a 100% ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee. If you try this membership, and decide you don’t like it, you can just email me, and get a full refund.

There aren’t any hoops to jump through if you don’t like it, just email me letting me know you want a refund, and I’ll approve it instantly. I really believe you’ll love this and be very happy with the results, that I’m willing to offer this crazy guarantee!

You can trust that this will help you to raise your vibrations, start manifesting, and feeling better, in just a few weeks!

Let Me Save You THOUSANDS Of Hours

Let me save you potentially thousands of hours here…

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to be REALLY ‘lucky’? Everything they touch turns to gold, and it’s like they’re not even trying…

On the other hand, maybe you know someone who’s ALWAYS struggling? Relationship trouble, money trouble, and things just KEEP going wrong?

​Maybe that second person is actually you right now?

  • It’s not your fault, they don’t teach this in school or university, and they certainly won’t tell you this at the doctors office!
  • It’s all to do with your ‘vibration’ or frequency. The STATE of being that you ARE naturally, determines your reality and what you attract in life…

The Way I See It, You Have 3 Options

Option 1: Ignore this page, close this tab and ‘bury your head in the sand’. Forget all about raise your vibrations and joining the Spiritual Biohackers Tribe, and try to not think about what else is ‘out there’. You’ll probably get back to this moment in a few months/years, and realise that you HAVE to know what it’s like!

Option 2: Try and figure things out for yourself. Try and read articles, put things together and struggle through until SOMETHING happens. It could take years, there’s no way of telling. This is likely what you’ve been doing so far, and it’s not really been working, has it?

Option 3: Join The Spiritual Biohackers Tribe. Follow the practical steps and start experiencing higher energy and higher frequency, within just a few weeks. This is by far the smart option here, so take advantage of my knowledge and this proven system! Take the red pill, and start experiencing higher vibrations and frequency for yourself.

30 Day ‘Higher Vibes Or It’s FREE' Money Back Guarantee

100% Safe & Secure Checkout

Cancel ANYTIME In 20 Seconds (No questions or contracts)

Your Questions Answered

Talk to me: I understand membership is an important decision and I want you to be 100% sure about it. Please feel free to personally email me at We can talk about it! I’ll try and reply within 24 hours!


How Can I Access Everything?

As soon as you’ve entered your payment information and filled out the page, you’ll be instantly redirected to the members area and access. From there, you can access everything. You’ll also get sent an email with this access link, in case you lose it. Make sure to check your email and spam folders, as the email is automated and might get hidden there!

What Exactly Is Covered?

We cover a wide range of spiritual topics, focused on raising your vibrations, manifestation, expanding consciousness, biohacking, focus, emotional wellbeing and purpose.

The topics vary a lot as we create content and answer peoples personal questions, so each month we cover different topics and questions.

The main ‘core’ of the content is:

  • Raising your vibrations and frequency: Optimising your body and mind to operate at the highest level every day. Improving your sleep, energy, willpower, focus, strength, ability, and more.
  • Manifestation: Manifestation abundance, communicating with the Divine Matrix (hologram), channeling energy, transmuting energy, creating experiences you want.
  • Bigger picture reality/consciousness: Talking about life after death, NDEs, soul journey, reincarnation concepts, immortality, quantum existence and time loops.

What If I Can’t Attend The Livestreams?

Don’t worry, all livestreams are recorded and saved in our library so you can view all previous livestreams whenever you want. We’ll also aim to answer every question, in the next livestream so your question will still be answered even if you don’t attend live. You can just leave your question as a comment and we’ll answer it on the next livestream.

How Easy Is It To Cancel?

Very easy. You can cancel at any time, even after 1 year of being a member. You simply contact customer support and within few minutes it will be sorted out. The only thing we’d say is that if you cancel, the price is very likely to be higher if you decide alter to rejoin.

If I Cancel, Can I Rejoin Later?

Yes, you can cancel and rejoin at any time, the only thing we’d say is that if you cancel, the price is very likely to be higher if you decide alter to rejoin. The best price is always now. Especially if you’re reading this in 2022 because we’re starting with a very low price for new members, that you can ‘lock in’ for life.

What If I Don’t Like It?

If you’re not 100% satisfied you can get a full, no questions asked refund. As this is a monthly membership, you can try the entire thing out for just one monthly payment, see if you like it, and then refund if you don’t. I’ve done this to try and make it a very risk free decision for you.

Is There A Catch?

There’s no catch. The reason I’m offering so much value for such a little price, and also giving a refund guarantee is simple. I believe so strongly in my content and work, that I’m willing to bet that you’ll want to stay a member for a long time when you see what it’s like. Also, as I add content twice a month or more, the value gets higher and higher each month that goes by.

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