How To ASTRAL PROJECT RELIABLY, Without The Guesswork, Even If You’ve TRIED Before And FAILED!

Astral Projection CAN Be Very Difficult To Learn (But You Know That, Don’t You?)…

And that’s partly because you’re LITERALLY trying to leave this dimension…

So of COURSE, it’s not as easy as learning to drive a car, or ride a bike.

It’s not something you can just read a short article on, and expect to master the same night.

It’s going to take some practice, and learning the RIGHT things. I’m not sure whether you’re completely new or you’ve already TRIED to astral project… But let’s start at the beginning:

Astral projection or having an ‘OBE’ is a fascinating thing, because it allows you to tap into something BEYOND this realm. Something beyond this dimension and reality.

But don’t let this put you off.

When you know the RIGHT stuff to practice, and the right things to do, it can be MUCH easier.

Just like with anything:

Practicing the RIGHT stuff will get you results much faster.

A lot of people WASTE years of time trying to astral project, by practicing or trying things that will NEVER work.

I’m going to show you the SECRETS…

The ‘mind hacking’ techniques that will stack the odds in your favour, and make astral projection easy and fun.

Astral Projection Is Your Hidden SUPERPOWER

People all around the world are FASCINATED with the idea of astral projection, because it can:

Allow you to experience other dimensions, realms and realities, and connect with energies and entities in those dimensions (to gain profound knowledge, wisdom or guidance)

Unlock your mind and push the limits of what’s possible in this human experience. You can explore mind blowing realms, worlds and energy fields in the astral realm, and your personal growth will SKYROCKET! (seriously)

Allow your spiritual and psychic gifts to unfold and grow naturally. People report being ‘aware’ of things they just weren’t before. Almost like they gained a third eye or sixth sense, that lets them ‘intuit’ things that are invisible to most people

Allow your fears or uncertainty about death to fall away like dominos. People who learn to astral project find they’re no longer scared of death or pain, because they know they’re a part of something much bigger and more important (they REMEMBER their immortality)

Allow you to travel through time and gain higher power. There are even reports of people using astral projection for body and mind healing, and advanced personal and spiritual growth

The possibilities are endless, because you’re literally leaving this physical dimension.

You’re connecting with a MUCH greater power, and with your ‘Higher Self’.

But, with that comes some problems.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’ve TRIED to astral project, but found that you just can’t ‘break through’ and actually do it? Maybe you can’t keep yourself awake for long enough to enter the vibrational stage?

You’ve TRIED to get into the vibrational stage to astral project but nothing happens, and you’re just laying there feeling frustrated? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s even possible

You’re SICK AND TIRED of reading endless articles and guides that don’t give you results, and you just want to know EXACTLY what you’re doing wrong, and how to actually experience astral projection for yourself, FAST

Or maybe you’ve NEVER astral projected, and you’re completely new. Maybe you’re just starting your spiritual journey, and you just want to EXPERIENCE astral projection for yourself, without wasting lots of time practicing the wrong things

Most people fit into that last one there, and that’s fine.

You’ve never astral projected, or you’ve only done it once or twice in your life.

That’s okay.

It’s not your fault, this is a VERY difficult skill to learn, typically.

I say typically, because when you know how it REALLY works, it’s actually quite simple. It comes down to building certain habits into your life, and changing your subconscious beliefs.

Imagine Being Able To Astral Project With None Of The Frustration Or Guesswork

What would it be like if you could just close your eyes, and astral project?

If you could skip past years of wasting your time ‘spinning your wheels’, getting nowhere.

If you could just skip to the part where you can ACTUALLY astral project, easily.

Well, it won’t take you years, if you follow the right exercises…


Relaxing your muscles as you let the ambient noises of the room fade into your awareness. Your eyes softly close, as you sink back into your chair, focusing a strong intention to leave this physical dimension.

After a few minutes, you notice the familiar ‘vibrational stage’ happening to you. You feel a tingling sensation crawl over your body and that leads to relaxing you even DEEPER.

As the sensation takes you over, you feel a shift happen.

Your energy and awareness moves from your physical body to a new sensation that’s forming. It trickles down your spine like freezing cold water running down your back on a hot summer’s day. You’re gradually separating your astral body from your physical body.

You feel lighter and more free. You feel energy SURGING through you, as you open your eyes.

But it’s not your ‘eyes’. It’s your astral vision. You look down and notice that you’ve left your physical body, but you’re not dreaming. This feels VERY different to a dream or even a lucid dream.

​You’re floating effortlessly, overcome with complete awareness, energy, power and love.

You see your physical body sitting in the chair, and notice the room around you. Except it’s tinted with a strange color, almost like you’re wearing colored tinted sunglasses. You can become aware of things beyond your walls.

​You can see ‘through’ the walls. It’s not really looking through the walls, they were never really all that solid to begin with. Everything is ENERGY.

You pass through the wall and float up into space, effortlessly. You’re driven by a deep love and passion for knowledge. You search for the answer to a question that’s been bothering you for months.

‘Should I follow my dream to become a famous musician, or stay in this dead end job?’..

You ask the astral realm for answers, and you’re met with a beautiful, beaming energy body.

It’s you!

But not the ‘you’ that you’re familiar with.

It’s your Higher Self…

The version of you that resides in higher dimensions, that looks over you always. That’s always connected to you physically, but also timeless.

Your Higher Self knows EXACTLY what’s best for you, and as you approach you’re met with an instant ‘knowing’.

The Higher Self doesn’t need to say anything using ‘words’ or language. That’s too slow. Instead, the answer is instantly downloaded into your very BEING. Leave the job, pursue your passion.

You’re guided.


As you awaken and come back to reality, you’re FILLED and consumed with a deep love and sense of calmness. You know with every FIBRE of your being that everything’s going to be okay.

You feel guided, supported, and completely at peace. Motivated and inspired to make a change, safe in the knowledge that you’re following your heart.

This is just one example of how you can use astral projection to advance your personal and spiritual growth. This is the story for MILLIONS of people around the world, who use astral projection for guidance, exploration and experiencing things beyond themselves.

What if you could achieve that, on demand.

What if you KNEW what would make you astral project, and how to practice it?

Introducing: The Astral Discovery Program

The Astral Discovery Course is a complete video course teaching you how to experience other dimensions and realities. It’s designed to give you all the knowledge and tools you need to actually experience it for yourself.

Designed to help people who have TRIED to astral project, and failed. We share proven, foolproof systems and methods to get ‘out of body’ as fast as possible. 

There are many courses, books and videos about there.

This is different.

It LASER focuses on getting you to astral project as FAST as humanly possible.

Even if you’ve tried before, and it hasn’t worked.

Let me explain…

There are LOTS of ebooks, articles and courses on astral projection.

I’ve seen astral projection courses for $500, $1500 and $5500 or more…

The problem is, most of them just teach you ABOUT it:

How it’s supposed to work, and some techniques or methods. Maybe some will even show a bit of the history behind it, and some stories.

The way this course is different, is that we focus on only what works. 

We leave out of all of the ‘fluff’ and stories, and just give you practical, actionable techniques and exercises to get you RESULTS.

And we aim to do that as fast as humanly possible, so that you can start EXPERIENCING astral projection faster.

What You’ll Learn…

The EXACT steps you need to take to ASTRAL PROJECT, and get results fast (step by step techniques and methods explained in detail). Most courses on astral projection are NOT made by people who have actually done it. I’ve actually projected many times

​​Learn how astral projection REALLY works, and WHY it’s so difficult (lots of people get this wrong) You’ll learn what you can use it for in your real life, like advancing your personal and spiritual growth

​​he crippling ‘subconscious doubt’ trap that 90% of beginners fall into, and how to avoid and fix it!

​​How to unlock and harness the limitless power of your pineal gland a(Third eye) and use it to change your reality, astral project more and channel more energy (You’ll also learn 7 things to AVOID to decalcify your pineal gland)

How your TV, phone and computer are harming your vibrations and energetic bodies and what to do about it so you can feel like you have more energy every day

HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT the right way, in simple, easy to understand steps. Most technique tutorials don’t actually explain this, they just dance around the subject giving you a neat list of ‘steps’. It’s more complex than that

Why your TECHNIQUE is actually the LEAST important part, of learning to astral project (focus on these other 4 things instead)

The best time of day and night to try and astral travel, (99% of people get this totally wrong and end up wasting their time)

Proven tips and tricks for astral projecting more, and doing it safely, without making any dangerous beginner mistakes that can hold you back!

How to avoid the nasty side effects of astral projection, and do it safely

HOW to find out exactly what is stopping you from astral projecting: Learn ​the most crippling mistakes 90% of people make when first trying to astral project, and how to avoid them

How to ‘stack the odds’ in your favor so that it’s more likely you WILL astral project than you WON’T!


1: LIFETIME ACCESS To The Astral Discovery Program Members Area

(VALUE $1247)

You’ll get lifetime access to a beautifully designed members area that you can login to on your computer, phone or smart device. You can watch all of the videos, see the PDF notes, download the resources, and go through the course in your own time.

The videos are specifically to help you through the most common problems, issues and roadblocks. They’ll show you step by step the RIGHT way of doing things that will actually let you experience astral projection for yourself.

We’re CONSTANTLY updating this members area, adding videos, PDFs, resources and material. You’ll get lifetime access to all of these updates, even if the price raises in the future.

NEW FREE BONUS: Astral Travellers Morning Routine

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When I got started with biohacking a few years ago, I set out to create a morning routine that would MASSIVELY improve how I felt every day. Follow this morning routine, and you’ll have more energy, motivation and your vibrations will be higher. You’ll start each day like a champion.

This as a result will unlock your third eye and help you astral project more, with less effort. Once you’ve spent the time on building up the habit of the morning routine, it’s easy. Habits once formed, can change your life. This morning routine you can print out and follow, tomorrow.

NEW FREE BONUS: Astral Discovery Affirmations

(VALUE $27)

A series of highly effective affirmations that you can repeat and use, to train your subconscious brain, to astral project on command. It’s about your inner game as much as the physical techniques. 

This helps you to take back control of your mind, and your beliefs. Train yourself to only believe things that HELP and SUPPORT you. 

With these powerful mantras, you’ll be able to get results even if you don’t THINK you can do it!

FREE BONUS: Crippling Astral Projection Mistakes Beginners ALWAYS Make – And How To Avoid Them!

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You’ll get a PDF ebook showing you the most common mistakes beginners make when trying to learn how to astral project. This ebook will save you lots of time, money and effort, and you can start reading it today! Some of these mistakes you don’t even KNOW you’re making, but once you realise it, you can INSTANTLY change them!

FREE BONUS: Curated List Of Astral Projection Resources And Tools To Go Deeper In Your Practice

(VALUE $17)

An extra bonus PDF list of useful tools for astral projection. I thought I’d throw this one in there in case you go through the Astral Discovery Course, and want MORE things to do or learn!

Astral projection is an amazing gateway into the spiritual world, and you’ll want to learn and experience MORE once you can do it! You’ll get a curated PDF list of tools, supplements, resources and binaural beats providers that will make astral projection easier and more attainable for you

That’s a total COMBINED VALUE OF $1345! By the way, typically quality astral projection training, coaching or a video course similar to this would cost anywhere from $450 to $5400.

People pay upwards of $50,000 just to experience ONE flight in zero gravity, while astral projection lets you fly in other DIMENSIONS on demand!

People pay upwards of $30,000 for personal growth coaching, neuro linguistic programing and coaching, to unlock their personal growth and get answers (astral projection can GIVE you those answers more directly!

But you’re in for a pleasant surprise now…

ASTRAL PROJECT FAST: Learn How To Astral Project Easily And Safely In Simple Steps, By Following Our Proven Video Course And System…


Lifetime Access To The Video Course Members Area (VALUE $1247)


Astral Discovery ‘Power Affirmations’ Blueprint (VALUE $27)


FREE BONUS: Curated List Of Astral Projection Resources And Tools (VALUE $17)


FREE BONUS: Crippling Mistakes Beginners Make Ebook (VALUE $27)


NEW FREE BONUS: Astral Travellers Morning Routine (VALUE $27)


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No Risk: You’re Backed By Our COMPLETE 60 Day Astral Moneyback Guarantee!

I want you to be 100% happy and confident about buying this, and investing in yourself.

I’m willing to offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee (For 60 days).

If you try this program and decide you don’t like it, you can just email me, and get a full refund.

There aren’t any hoops to jump through if you don’t like it, just email me letting me know you want a refund, and I’ll approve it instantly. I really believe you’ll love this and be very happy with the results, that I’m willing to offer this crazy guarantee!

You can trust that this will help you to astral project in just a few weeks!

Why I’m Offering This For Just $77…

Well, I could certainly charge a LOT more for this video course, and I have in the past.

But I really wanted to make this available for more people. I listened to my customers and fans on AstralHQ, and decided that the price of $77 is MUCH easier for people and means the course can help more people..

And that ultimately helps me with my mission which is to help guide and inspire as many people as I can! Also, I know that once you’ve got the Discovery Course, you’ll probably astral project pretty fast afterwards.

And then hopefully you’ll remember me and this deal I offered, and maybe come back to buy a more advanced course from me on other things like spirituality, personal growth or advanced astral projection.

But you don’t have to!

You can just take advantage of this crazy offer right now, get the Astral Discovery Course and follow it! You’ll get lifetime unlimited access to everything for today’s price, so if you’re interested, I’d act fast!

I wanted to open this up for beginners, and make sure you ACTUALLY astral project, instead of just reading about it! It also helps to support me, so that I can continue making free videos, articles and content for you guys!

Is This For You?

AstralHQ home for starseeds and lightowkers

This program is PERFECT for you if you’re a beginner, or you’ve TRIED before but can’t get it to work. If you’ve struggled with techniques and things are just not working for you, this is a great place to start.

Now is the time to learn astral projection!

You might be wondering why you should learn this NOW.

Why should you care?

Well, astral projection is a very powerful way to connect with your higher self.

Your Higher Self is a very valuable insight source, and you can get messages and guidance about what you should be doing with your life.

Imagine an all seeing/knowing loving energy force that has your best interests at heart, but you’re not able to communicate with them.

Over the years, and generations, we’ve FORGOTTEN how to connect with this, and with Source. We’ve been programmed and conditioned to forget, and become less attached to this infinite source of wisdom, knowledge and love.

Well, that’s where the urgency comes in. You need to hear these messages, and connect with your Higher Self to get these messages. Also, don’t you want to experience other dimensions and realities?

I know you feel it.

You feel there’s something strange or ‘weird’ about this reality.

There MUST be more, right? You feel it in your mind.

You know something’s strange or that some things are being ‘hidden’ from you, but you can’t figure out what or how. Well, astral projection is the key. You’ll be able to see what’s hidden, and reconnect to Source, your Higher Self, and a power greater than you, me or anyone else.

But you know this, deep down.

At the soul level, you REMEMBER and KNOW your power.

You know your divinity, and limitless potential. You’ve been led to this page for various reasons, so take the time to invest in yourself, and reconnect with this divinity!

Got Questions About The Program?

What If It Doesn’t Work?

If you don’t get results from following this program, you can get 100% of your money back up to 60 days from now. There’s no questions asked, you just email me letting me know and I’ll refund your money. I truly believe you’ll love this, and you’ll be messaging me thanking me for this amazing opportunity!

Why Should I Astral Project?

Astral projection can open the door to some pretty amazing experiences. You can explore other dimensions, realms, and do things that I REALLY can’t explain or describe with words or language. You have to see for yourself, and really astral projection is just the start.

It’s like learning to walk, in a new world. You’ll be able to decide what you do there, and that could be any number of things. You could decide to gain insights, knowledge or wisdom. You could decide to reconnect with lost loved ones or friends, the choice is yours. I’m just opening the door for you.

Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

No. Astral projection is not dangerous unless you’re doing it for negative or bad reasons. If you’re trying to use astral projection to cause someone else harm, then you might experience bad side effects, or negative effects like headaches and a ringing sensation. This isn’t harmful or dangerous, rather it might just put you off.

If you’re trying to use astral projection for positive and personal growth related reasons, there are no dangers or risks at all, and it will actually improve your life. This is a natural ability that we ALL have, we’ve just forgotten about it. And because most of us have forgotten, there’s a bit of a funny ‘stigma’ about it.

People assume it’s strange, dangerous or weird. The truth is it’s just like meditation. It improves your life, mindset, energy and feelings. You just have to learn how to do it, and be patient!

Can I STOP Astral Projecting If I Want To?

Yes, very easily. Astral projection is much like any muscle. ‘Use it or lose it’. If you stop practicing and trying, you’ll stop astral projecting. There’s absolutely no risk here, and if you don’t want to astral project, why are you on this page?

How Do I Access The Video Course, And What’s Included?

Once you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll be able to instantly access the PDF, downloads, audios and videos. You’ll be emailed as well, so you can access it all later.

You’ll get access to the entire course members area, as well as lifetime access to FUTURE updates and additions. I’m always improving products on this site, and you won’t have to pay any extra for those extras, even if I raise the price in the future as I add more content to it!

What If I Don’t Like It? Can I Get A Refund?

Yes, you can. If you’re not happy with the Astral Discovery Course, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

This is to make you feel safe, happy and confident about getting this guide and learning to astral project. I’m sure you’ll love it though, and if you follow the steps and exercises included here, you WILL astral project!

I already have a book or course about astral projection, do I need this? Well, you can sort of answer this for yourself. Have you been able to reliably and regularly astral project?

If not, you might need to change your approach. The Astral Discovery focuses on practical steps you can take to actually get results. Combine that with listening to the binaural beats, and you’ll be astral projecting in no time!

The Way I See It, You Have 3 Options…

Option 1: Ignore this page, close this tab and ‘bury your head in the sand’. Forget all about astral projection and try to not think about what else is ‘out there’. You’ll probably get back to this moment in a few months/years, and realise that you HAVE to know what it’s like!

Option 2: Try and figure things out for yourself. Try and read articles, put things together and struggle through until SOMETHING happens. It could take years, there’s no way of telling. This is likely what you’ve been doing so far, and it’s not really been working, has it?

Option 3: Take my proven Astral Discovery Video Course. Follow the practical steps, and start experiencing astral projection within a few weeks. This is by far the smart option here, so take advantage of my knowledge and this proven astral projection system!

Take the red pill, and start experiencing astral projection for yourself.

ASTRAL PROJECT FAST: Learn How To Astral Project Easily And Safely In Simple Steps, By Following Our Proven Video Course And System…


Lifetime Access To The Video Course Members Area (VALUE $1247)


Astral Discovery ‘Power Affirmations’ Blueprint (VALUE $27)


FREE BONUS: Curated List Of Astral Projection Resources And Tools (VALUE $17)


FREE BONUS: Crippling Mistakes Beginners Make Ebook (VALUE $27)


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Total Value: $1345. Todays Special Price $497 Just 77 Dollars!

This deal won’t be here forever, so hurry if you want to take advantage of this! Start experiencing other DIMENSIONS this week. That’s a 90% Discount on our premium astral projection training course!