You want it for free?

Okay, here’s the deal:

I have a lot of lucid dreaming ebooks courses and products for sale on my store page. BUT not everyone can afford to invest into their spiritual and personal growth. 

I was getting a few messages asking if there was a way for people to get a product without paying for it, maybe by helping me out or doing a few tasks for me in return for the product. 

I’ve created a way.

In fact, there’s even a way I’ll explain in a moment where I PAY YOU as well!

How To Get A Product For FREE!

There’s just two rules. 

  • You can only do this once, for one product.
  • You have to complete at least 10 of the tasks on the list below, and email me a screenshot of it to prove you’ve done them. 

This is how you can get a product that you really want without having to pay for it. I consider it a win win.

You get the product you want, and I get some help with bringing traffic and awareness to my site, and to lucid dreaming in general.

The Task List!

IMPORTANT: To apply to get something for free, you need to send an email to me (contact (at) with screenshots of you doing these tasks. You should try and do as many as you can, ideally more than 10 to make sure I approve your request. ALSO, let me know WHICH PRODUCT you want in your email!

Here are the tasks you can choose from (complete more than 5): 

  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on notifications and Comment on and like my last 5 videos there
  • Share my Instagram or a recent post on your story on Instagram, and tag @awakening_alliance
  • Comment on and like my last 10 photos on Instagram, (bonus points if you also tag 5 people)
  • Share the MAIN LINK to the sales page of the product you want on social media (Facebook, Twitter) 
  • Like our Facebook page and turn on notifications AND invite 3 people to like it
  • Comment on my last 5 Facebook posts (bonus points if you tag 3 people)
  • Follow and/or REVIEW my podcast on Itunes (or other podcasting place) – Just search ‘AstralHQ’ and look for my logo
  • Share 3 or more of my blog posts to social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)
  • Write a really genuine social media post promoting in some way (suggesting to your friends they check it out and WHY they should)
  • Film a short 20 second or more clip of you talking about one of my books, products, courses or just videos/website in general, post it to at least one social media, and send it to my email  

Do as many of those tasks as you can.

I’ll understand if you can’t do all of them though for example if you don’t have a certain social media or things like that.

So that’s how you can get a spiritual course or ebook for free. Just do at least 10 of the tasks on the list, and EMAIL ME with proof that you’ve done the tasks. I’m trialing this as a way of people who don’t have spare income to get my ebooks and courses!

NEW OPPORTUNITY: I Will Pay YOU $$$ Per Month For Sharing Our Message

This is a new opportunity for you:

I will actually PAY you to share my video clips and content online. 

This helps spread the message of spirituality and raising vibrations, while ALSO helping you and me out!

Thats right:

I have created a way that I actually TEACH you with a video training how you can create little clips from my youtube videos, and then share them on your social media profiles online (or create another account to share them on).

As a result, you’ll get views, and send people to your ‘affiliate link’, which means you’ll then get paid a commission on every single sale.

I filmed a video training for you below, where I share a very simple and easy system that you can use to generate millions of views and get thousands of sales, for free without running ads, having a website or having your own product.

It shows you how to take my YouTube videos, use AI to automatically turn them into smaller clips, share them, and get thousands of sales.

Doing this, you can literally (not exaggerating) make your first sales TODAY and it helps other people learn to lucid dream! It’s a win-win-win.

The Video Training: HOW To Use AI To Create Clips Of My Videos, Share Them, And Make Money Monthly

GET STARTED: THE MASTER GOOGLE DOC with instructions, links etc.

That google doc has all the instructions, links, resources and links to the videos and how to get started.

Bookmark it and save it.

Good luck!