Today, we’re going to talk about how to raise your frequency and vibrations really, really quickly, just in a few days or even in a few weeks.

If you’re new to spirituality, or you don’t know much about raising your vibrations, this will help you out massively. I actually wrote another post explaining more about specifically WHAT vibrations and frequencies are.

Make some notes for this one.

What Are Spiritual Vibrations (For Beginners)

Vibrations make up everything, we’re all made up of energy and vibrations, or at certain level on the frequency scale, we resonate with other things and other people and experiences.

And that is a fancy way of saying, when we are a high vibration, we attract other high vibration people, situations, objects, experiences, these things will find us.

They will seek us out and we will be able to achieve success in relationships financially, you know, business career, your purpose you’ll feel better. Your energy will be higher.

Everything will be improved because when you vibrate at a high level, you’re going to manifest that reality.

I’m going to get into how to raise your vibrations, but firstly, let’s understand that there are different levels of vibrations.

What Are The Different LEVELS Of Vibration?

You have your body and mind, you have your spirit and your soul.

And then you have, you know, on more on the physical plane here, you have your emotions and your habit.

  • These three areas will all influence your vibrations in massive ways, but it starts with one thing.
  • And that is your conscious DESIRE to change your vibrations.
  • And you could argue that is the first stage, your thought/intention/desire.

You have to have the intention and the desire to change when you have that, everything else becomes easier and you it’s basically just following steps. So when you start changing, let’s just start at the very beginning with your emotions, your habits, and beyond that, your thoughts, this is where you start and then that will then affect your body and mind.

And that will affect your spirit and soul synchronicity between three areas. But it really starts with your body, specifically your thoughts and your desire.

So we can create powerful habits in each of these areas, powerful habits and things we do, which will biohack, so to speak and change our reality, change our bodies and change the results we get.

So let’s first start with your mind right now, set the intention with me that you want to change your reality, raise your vibration, and raise your frequency.

You can say this out loud.

You can write it down, set the intention right now.

The Most Important Part (Purging)

Now, before we get onto the steps, I’m going to start with the first thing I want to teach you, which is remove negativity, negative, low vibration sources from your life.

This is basically going to be called what we call the ‘purge’.

So you’re going to take one day and you’re going to go through every area of your life, where you have negative, you know, low vibration drains on your life, vampires at the parasitic entities and entities, which are trying to take away your power.

Now here’s a list of not a full list, but here’s just a few of the things that could be taking away your vibrations right now.

And this is referring to your subconscious mind, things that will influence you and affect you and bring your vibrations down. Okay?

So negative, aggressive or fear based music; kind of surprising, right?

But things like rap music where it’s just aggressive, negative messages all the time, spreading fear, negative stuff, right?

Fear fear-based movies like horror movies, any mainstream media source that is owned by one of the main corporations. I won’t get into that, but any media source, which is just constantly spreading fear and negative stories, which in many cases, it’s false information.

Anyway, any people where if you spend time with them, you feel worse after, than before you spend the time with them.

Start by thinking about the people you meet often.

Think about the following:

  • When I meet this person, how do I feel afterwards?

If you feel worse after they’re a negative source of energy and they’re bringing you down, they’re either criticizing you or they’re making fun of you not supporting you, bringing your vibrations down to a low state so that you’ll be more in resonance with them than where you want to be.

That’s not a complete list, but that’s just where you should basically start.

How To RAISE Your Vibration or Frequency FAST

Once you’ve purged the negative sources, you want to immerse yourself; you want to submerge yourself in POSITIVE, high vibration things like language meditation, nature walks.

This is a process, and might not be possible to make ALL these changes instantly.

You can take your time:

Walking in the sunlight, exercise, yoga, positive messages, motivational speeches, inspiring uplifting videos and music, and more importantly, affirmations things that you repeat to yourself over and over again that you want to be true.

Things like:

  • I am successful.
  • I am attracting abundance.
  • I will raise my vibrations

Things like that, which will affirm the truth that you want to be your reality. That is a foundation for improving the vibrations on your mind at the level of your mind and your thoughts.

Now we’re going to move to your body.

Raising The Frequency Of Your Body

Your body is an energy system, a vehicle, uh, connected to the higher planes through the shakra system and through the pineal gland.

However, the body itself, is a machine.

There is an optimum diet and an optimum way of feeding that machine and fueling it. And the truth is we all basically know this already. So I’m going to just basically give you a very quick outline of how to fuel your body, to raise your vibration.

Very simple, but this is stuff we should have been told when we were growing up anyway.

1: Go Outside Every Single Day

So you need to go outside for half an hour a day, get direct sunlight on your skin.

You need to be sleeping roughly when the sun goes down in the evening and waking up when the sun rises in the morning, and this is known as your circadian rhythm, this is going to optimize your hormones, especially in your pineal gland with serotonin and melatonin.

It’s going to balance the two out.

2: Eat Close To ‘Plant Based’ Foods

You need to be eating healthy, organic, ideally vegan or plant-based foods.

Now I don’t want to polarize anyone and, you know, make you go crazy because you, everyone thinks that they understand diet.

And really the truth is nobody knows what the ‘perfect diet’ really is.


We do know, based on science studies, and subjective reports, that if we eat really junky fats, however we do know based on science and lots of subjective reports, that if we just eat loads of rubbish, loads of junk food, we tend to feel bad.

On the other hand:

If we eat lots of organic, fresh fruit and vegetables, we tend to feel pretty good.

So we know that there is that contrast between what we SHOULD be eating and what we are eating.

3: Drink MORE Water

Another thing to do is to make sure you drink lots of water.

We’re 80% water.

So we’d need to be having enough hydration to fuel our body.

4: Meditate First Thing In The Morning


This one is kind of a mixture between body and mind…

But if you meditate every morning for 10 minutes or 20 minutes in the morning, when you first wake up, your brainwaves are in ‘alpha state’, meaning your subconscious mind is open like a sponge.

If you wake up and watch the media, go on your phone and go on social media, you’re going to absorb that information into your subconscious mind, like a sponge, dangerous things to do.


If you meditate, as soon as you wake up, you feel yourself with positive, high vibration energy.

Example Of A Vibration Raising ‘Morning Routine’

There’s a lot of information here, many changes:

It’s hard to change all these things at once.

It’s best to ‘stack’ them into ONE morning routine, so you can just get it ALL done, and out of the way, first thing in the morning.

A really good morning routine to raise your vibrations would be wake up, meditate for 10 to 20 minutes. And then immediately after that, go through your affirmations, visualize what you want in your life.

Then have a cold shower.

Cold showers have been known to increase your endorphins, which makes you feel good. They increase and strengthen your immune system. They also help your vibration.

In other ways, they triggered the mammalian diving reflex, which is really good for survival. It’s called a ‘hormetic stressor’, which means it provides a small amount of stress, which is enough to strengthen your immune system and your central nervous system.

In all ways.

How To Raise Your Vibrations 10X More

Now vibrations and frequency are of course, very complicated things.

There are so many things you could do improve, so much you could learn.

I’ve basically collected everything I’ve learned and put it all into one detailed biohacking vibration program for you.

It’s called the ‘Superhuman Optimisation System’, and it will help to speed up your spiritual growth, help you astral project more. You’ll be able to feel better. You’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better.

You’ll be attracting abundance and positivity in your life.

But more importantly, your vibrations and frequency will be up here all the time. Your default state of being will be high vibration. Now that will mean you will attract opportunities.

People, romantic interests, you know, abundance, but you’ll also feel better because these are really effective. Proven biohacks, I’ve collected everything.

I’ve learned so much, I’ve researched and everything I’ve experienced, I’ve put it all into one course called the ‘Superhuman Optimisation System’.

If you follow this course, even just within a few days or a one to two weeks, people will start noticing how different you are, your energetic signature, as in how people react to you.

When you walk into a room will be completely different.

This is not just spiritual practices.

I’m including here. I’m marrying the spiritual side of things with the science practicality and the biohacking because biohacking is one of the other interests and backgrounds I have.

So I’ve basically combined biohacking and science with spirituality, combine the two into a complete course where it will show you how to raise your vibrations and frequency in a really powerful way, not just right now, but also for the rest of your life.

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