AstralHQ Store: Spiritual Programs, Systems, Ebooks And Courses To Help You RAISE Your Vibrations And Ascend!

Superhuman Optimisation System

This is our most advanced and effective program. In Superhuman Optimisation, you’ll learn how to raise your vibrations and frequency. This directly helps you astral project, but it also helps you access your Higher Self, manifest your dream life and get ‘unstuck. You can either read more about it now, or watch our free video training that introduces the idea of raising your vibrations (do this first). 

Shifting Vibrations Megapack (Popular)

Shifting Vibrations is our collection of custom binaural beats specifically to help you astral project, and raise your vibrations. These have been laced with Subliminals, ambient noises, binaural beats and unique audio features. Listen to them every morning and night to increase your chances of astral projecting and opening your third eye. 

Beginners Astral Projection Guide

This course is a brilliant introduction to astral projection, and far more detailed than most guides or tutorials you’ve probably read online or in kindle books. This guide takes you by the hand and tells you exactly how it all works, and how to start astral projecting within a few weeks!

There are also several free bonuses included in this guide such as audio tracks and other ebook PDFs. This is a GREAT place to start for beginners, looking to just dip their toe in the water.

Astral Discovery Video Course

This video course is a great guide for if you’ve ALREADY tried to astral project, but it’s just NOT been working for you. You’ll get 9 high quality videos, audio downloads, PDF guides and more.

Once again, this is for if you’ve ALREADY tried techniques and things to astral project, but nothing’s really worked for you and you don’t know why.