What’s the reason why lightworkers stay broke? Why are they seemingly always struggling with money? 

It seems that they can’t manifest abundance and do the things they love doing more. 

There’s a very good reason for this. I promise to tell you exactly why this lightworker struggle happens and what you can do about it.

I am also a lightworker but I am able to make money by sharing what I love with the world.

I have created a system, a way that you, as a lightworker can make money passively by sharing your gifts.

This is not some weird course. This is a proven system that I do myself.

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But that’s not what this article is about. In this article you will learn:

  • The reasons why lightworkers stay broke
  • What lightworkers can do about it
  • How to balance money and spirituality

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Why Lightworkers Stay Broke

Some people realize they have an incredible gift after experiencing a spiritual awakening. 

This gift drives them to make it their life’s purpose to cast a light on the darkness. 

These lightworkers and their missions are essential for humanity. But why do a lot of them struggle to earn money?

Why Do Lightworkers Stay Broke?

The reason why lightworkers stay broke is that they have negative, limiting beliefs.

There are more people in the world who weren’t born rich. As a result, more people have a negative money mindset.

They have adopted the negative beliefs they constantly heard when they were kids and they bring these beliefs throughout adulthood.

When these thoughts dominate especially in our subconscious minds, lightworkers suffer financially.

why lightworkers stay broke

What Are Lightworkers? (Who They Are and What They Do)

Lightworkers are creatures that have a strong desire to assist others. 

These individuals volunteer to serve mankind by acting as a light for the Earth.

Lightworkers are often sensitive. They experience grief and agony for the suffering in the world around them. 

This is why they tend to pursue occupations that allow them to employ their empathic nature.


What Do Lightworkers Do?

Lightworkers are born with the ability to heal. 

Their spiritual careers list revolves around mental and physical healing, teaching, writing, the arts, and other related fields.

Those who are called to spiritual healing will work on being their true self. Their job is to assist people in transitioning from ego to genuine self. 

They may also summon angels and heavenly masters to help with healing.

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  • Am I a lightworker?

If you’ve read about lightworkers and wondered if you may be one, the only way to find out is to go within. 

Lightworkers are motivated by a strong desire to help people in need, and they are gifted with intuitive abilities.

This allows them to detect energy shifts and emotions such as sadness in others around them.

They feel connected to all living species and the Earth, yet feel lonely around others. This is because they tend to view the world from the outside. 

If you identify with these key characteristics and have a strong desire to assist humanity and the globe, you may have been born to be a lightworker.

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Now that you know what they are and what they do, here are the 3 reasons why lightworkers stay broke:

1: You Have Money Blocks

Lightworkers stay broke because they have ‘money blocks’.

Money blocks are the negative or limiting beliefs that you might have about money. 

For example, money is bad, rich people are greedy, money doesn’t grow on trees, and you have to work really hard to get money. 

These negative concepts have become programmed in our subconscious minds from a young age. 

These beliefs are holding you back from making money, from being able to do what you love. 

I completely get it. These money blocks have been programmed in our minds from a young age. 

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We weren’t even aware that abundance and doing what we love is an option. 

We just knew that we have to go to university, then get a job you probably won’t like, work really hard, and then, if you’re lucky, you can retire early. 

“I can only do this on the side. It’s impossible to survive without a stable 9 to 5 job.” 

But surprise! That doesn’t have to be true. 

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2: You Think Money and Spirituality Can’t Blend

Another reason why lightworkers stay broke is that they think money makes spirituality unethical.

There is one critical limiting belief that so many lightworkers have and that is relating to the spiritual aspect of their work. 

They think that if it’s anything to do with spirituality, it should be free. You should never charge for it and make money from it. 

You believe that money takes away the purity of what you do. It stains it.

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But with this way of thinking, ironically, you’ll be less able to do that work. You’ll be less able to help people!

Why? If you don’t make money from sharing what you know about spirituality and lightworkers, you’re gonna have to find a way to make money elsewhere. 

Unless you own a house outright and you have loads of savings, you have to make or earn money somehow. 

Otherwise, how are you gonna pay the bills, right? 

How are you gonna get access to the internet, to a laptop, a camera, or whatever resources you need to share your gifts with the world?

lightworkers media

So if you don’t make it from your spiritual stuff, you’re gonna get a different job. 

Most people hate their jobs and even if you don’t, you still won’t have as much time to work on your spiritual stuff. 

You’d be very limited in terms of what you can do and how much you can help the world you’d be spending most of your time working for somebody else.

So you see, money doesn’t make your intention any less pure. Money is an essential resource, a raw material.

You cannot produce anything without resources. Money gives you the freedom to do your mission. 

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3: You’re Putting Your Time And Energy Into The Wrong Stuff

Imagine if you could make money doing what you love: Your spiritual work and your mission as a lightworker. 

Imagine that it’s your full-time income. You’re not working for somebody else and every single day you can focus on your purpose. 

Everyday, your whole focus is on sharing your gifts, knowledge, and experiences with the world.

It’s so much better for everyone because not only do you get to do something you love, you get supported financially.

Because you’re supported financially, you have more time to do it. 

This way, you can give more back to the world. 

The last reason why lightworkers stay broke is that they are misallocating their time and energies.

“I need a job to make money and then I could do my lightworker stuff on the side.”

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When you do this, you don’t do either one as well as you could’ve if you only focused on one.

You also won’t have as much time to do your lightworker stuff, your mission, because most of your energy and time would go towards making money.

And as most people say: “No one gets rich from a 9 to 5 job.”

I mean, you could. If you’re ready to live like a zombie and you’re willing to put your dream vacation till you’re 60.

How do I have the time to write this on a Monday morning at 11 am? 

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Why am I not working in a 9 to 5 job? Because I’m able to make money from this. 

I’m able to make money doing my mission. 

I have all my time, all week that I can dedicate to making content that helps the world. 

Not believing that their life purpose deserves all their time and energy is why lightworkers stay broke.

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Balancing Money And Spirituality

“Do you mean, as a lightworker, I should charge for everything I share with the world?”

 Not necessarily. Just like everything else, balance is the key. 

Why lightworkers stay broke is because they don’t know how to strike the perfect balance.

In my opinion, you should charge 1% of the time, and make it free 99% of the time.

You can offer one percent of your content for a price and 99% as free for everybody. 

Your attention and time and if they want to support you, which a lot of people do, then you’re also able, 

Through that one percent of content that you charge for, you’re able to get paid, usually passive income.

“Fill your cup first because you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

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When you have enough, you are able to give. 

This means you can give more free stuff to the people who support you. 

A lightworker who earns well will be more able to give free stuff than somebody who charges nothing.

They have more time, money, resources, and energy to give that free stuff back to the world. 

This article, for example, is for free. The videos on my Youtube, the emails I’m sending, they’re all free.

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Do Lightworkers Get Married?

Even though their mission on earth is quite heavy, lightworkers can still fall in love and get married.

However, it may take some time because a lightworker will only be able to do this when they are ready for their task and have gone through healing.

What Is Lightworker Syndrome?

Lightworker syndrome is when a lightworker finds it hard to accept their life purpose because of the scarcity mindset of the society they live in.

While some lightworker paths are simple to incorporate into our capitalist culture, not all of them are.

Are Lightworkers Angels?

Lightworkers are NOT angels, or at least not what you might think. Lightworkers and Earth Angels have diverse roles in the Divine realms and on Earth.

Lightworkers heal and help people find the light within while angels guide and remind people of the temporariness of life.

lightworker eyes

If you find out you’re a lightworker and you want to know more about your soul purpose, I recommend taking this free numerology reading.

For those of you who don’t know, numerology is the study of numbers and mathematical patterns, and how they can tell you things about your life and your body.

They can predict and guide various aspects of your life from your career to your personality traits and even predict your future to some degree.

So Why Do Lightworkers Stay BROKE?

There are many reasons why lightworkers stay broke and it all comes down to their negative way of thinking, and their self-limiting beliefs.

Most of us were programmed from a young age that the only way to make money is by taking jobs we’d probably hate.

It’s just not possible to follow your true purpose, to do what you love, and be abundant at the same time.

But that’s just one possible reality out of an infinite number. 

You have to let go of your negative beliefs about money, believe that money and spirituality can go hand in hand, and release the fear that you cannot be abundant unless you succumb to society’s 9 to 5 culture.


Your reality could also be waking up, taking your time instead of rushing to work, and being excited because, at 11 AM, you’ll be filming a video that would help a lot of people.

I can say this because I, myself am experiencing this. and if you just open your eyes, you would see a large number of people doing the same thing.

If you want to know how to change your current reality into your desired one, read this article.

If we can do it, so can you!

Now you’ve learned why lightworkers stay broke. What are the limiting beliefs that are blocking your abundance? 

Let me know in the comments!