What is the perfect catalyst for spiritual growth?

“How to become more spiritual?”

That’s the big question these days.

What if I tell you that it’s actually chaos?

“Okay, now you’re just messing with me.”

I understand why people would think that.

For most of them, chaos is the very thing that’s causing their lives to fall apart. It’s the reason they don’t feel like their best selves.

It’s what causes them pain, confusion, and even depression.

I get it. Chaos is quite scary and stressful.

And I think we can all agree that we’ve been witnessing this happening a lot in today’s society.

There’s a lot of uncertainty, doubt, fear, and confusion.

But there’s an interesting thing about chaos.

Can chaos act as a catalyst for growth and awakening? 

I’ve personally seen it in my life, in the lives of people I know and don’t know.

In this article you will learn:

  •  What is the real meaning of chaos
  •  Is chaos positive or negative
  •  How it can be a catalyst for spiritual growth

Chaos Is A Catalyst For Spiritual Growth

Riots, mass hysteria, uncertainty, we’ve seen it all. We’ve been experiencing a lot of stress and confusion, especially in the past two years. 

Chaos can be scary and daunting but what if that’s exactly what the world needs right now in order to change for the better?

What if I tell you that it’s the perfect catalyst for our growth and awakening? 

Is Chaos A Catalyst For Spiritual Growth?

Chaos is a catalyst for spiritual growth because it makes people see the flaws of the system and leads people to look for better alternatives to doing things.

We could see this in healthcare systems, politics, and more.

We’ll discuss these things later, but first, what is chaos really?

Chaos is a catalyst for spiritual growth

What Is The Real Meaning Of Chaos?

“A state of utter confusion”

“A confused mass or mixture”

“The inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system”

In other words, when everything is not in order.

There’s another definition of chaos that I heard somewhere.

It says that when everything you perceive to be true crumbles, that is chaos. 

A lot of people hate chaos. That makes so much sense.

forest with fog

Our brains thrive on familiarity. We want things we can predict. We want stability.

When suddenly, things get unfamiliar and unpredictable, our brain perceives it as a threat.

It makes sense from the evolutionary perspective. Let’s say back when we still used to live in forests. We live in a place and we know the ins and outs, what are the species in there, where to find the fruit trees, and which part has too many snakes.

But let’s say something happened to that home and suddenly, we move to an unfamiliar part of the forest.

We don’t know what’s in there. Which fruits are poisonous? Does this forest have enough resources for us to survive? Which species are lurking in the bushes?

Of course, we don’t worry about those things in the modern world but our brains stayed the same. We like familiar, we like order.

That’s why chaos is so scary. But is it really that bad?

forest fire

Is Chaos Positive Or Negative?

Chaos is a negative thing but it can also bring positive changes.

I like to imagine the analogy of a forest fire.

Imagine when there’s a forest fire. What will happen then? 

Obviously, the forest will burn and it would seem chaotic at the moment because lots of things are getting destroyed. 

But then what happens is that it eventually leads to more growth in the forest.

At the time, it feels like the whole world is ending for the forests. But after a while, we’ll realize that it was only clearing the way for new things to grow.

“Okay, why are we talking so much about forests?”

ancient chivalry

Okay, let’s switch to history. Specifically, the rise and fall of empires.

When I was reading the works of various historians, I noticed that wherever there has been absolute chaos, It almost always led to more strength.

Chaos has been strongly correlated to growth and advancement. 

We can also see this with technological breakthroughs and in the way we do things. 

I think that’s what’s happening now.

We’re seeing a lot of chaos but I think that it’s the perfect catalyst for more growth and awakening.

Catalyst Meaning

First of all, what is a catalyst?

dark night of the soul

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it’s defined as: “An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”

So what do I mean when I say that chaos is the perfect catalyst?

I think that all the chaos we’re experiencing now is the perfect agent that will provoke significant change in our lives, particularly in our spiritual awakening.

Have you ever heard of ‘the dark night of the soul?’

Eckhart Tolle, the great author of the book “The Power of Now” describes this as a collapse of a perceived meaning in life…an eruption of a profound sense of meaninglessness into your existence.

Conventionally, it can also be called depression caused by an external trigger, when your life turns into chaos.

When people are left in that dark place, they usually emerge out of that with a newfound sense of consciousness.  A spiritual awakening or growth.

green plant on hand

Chaos As A Catalyst For Spiritual Growth

Now let’s look at examples of the systems we have today where we’re seeing a lot of chaos and let’s discuss how these are creating a potentially significant change for all of us.

1: Healthcare

The systems that are supposed to keep us healthy, in reality, are the ones keeping us sick.

Why? So that they can keep profiting from supposedly curing us of the sickness they are causing.

Let’s say you are having pains or signs that something’s not right with your body. 

You go to your doctor and he/she recommends, no, not recommend but sell a pill, a cream, or whatever because they get a paid commission.

Most of the time, they don’t even ask you if you’re gonna buy it. 

They just say: “this is what you need and that will be 80 dollars.”


That isn’t necessarily the best thing for you. In many cases, it actually makes things worse. 

You are then left with side effects then you have to get prescribed something else to treat those side effects.

That is a multi-billion dollar business. The more pills they prescribe, the more they profit.

The sicker you are, the more they profit.

This is what some people don’t get.

Of course, they’ll help you with some things but it’ll take a while and it’ll cost you a lot. 

They have seemingly no incentive to, at the very least, treat you fast. 

doctor and nurse

They don’t teach these doctors much about diet and herbs during med school.

Why? Because if everyone knew that they can find every cure they need in nature, they would lose customers.

Everything becomes inverted in that way but we’re starting to see that now. 

I think people as a whole are starting to take things into their own hands.

“You know what? I’m not going to take this pill with ten pages of side effects when there’s a natural alternative that has almost no side effects and works better.”

It’s also cheaper and in many cases free because you can just find them in nature. There are all kinds of alternatives we can find there.

I also would like to add that if you’re sick, you can manifest healing and health back into your life. Check out this free webinar on how to manifest anything you desire through spiritual biohacking.

woman crying while counting

2: Inflation

Aside from the healthcare system, let’s look at the economical system.

Our favorite: Inflation.

Of course, that was sarcasm.

As I said in this article about why you should quit your job this 2022, inflation is gonna eat you alive.

The government has been producing trillions of dollars worth of cash out of thin air in the last few years.

That’s not good if you know anything about economic cycles or how the inflation and banking systems function.

If you produce an endless amount of currency, prices will rise but the value of each unit of that currency will fall.

If you don’t get a 10 to 30% boost every year, your pay is declining year after year.

a person stacking coins

When you add up the expenses of everything and compute the average, you’ll notice that they’re all rising.

It’s no surprise that folks are struggling right now. Their pay cannot keep up with inflation.

Do we want a currency that loses five to ten percent of its value every year because of inflation? 

Would you want to lose five percent of your money per year? 

Do we really want that? I don’t. And I’m sure you don’t too.

But I think most people are starting to realize that now. That’s why more and more people are quitting their jobs and starting to follow their true purpose.

If you are one of those people, here are a few working from home tips and tricks that could help you stay healthy, sane, and productive.

person dropping paper on box

3: Politics

Another example of this is the political system. 

Why do we have a system where we have to choose between two things, left or right, and those are the only options that are practical?

Why do we have to choose between two options when we all know that politics is a lot more complicated than that? 

There are a lot more things to take into consideration. 

We should have more parties to choose from.

In fact, we should have a system whereby, no matter which party is in power, individual issues are voted on by each individual person through the internet or through the blockchain. 

That’s what we should be having instead of what we have now.

guy wearing mask on riot

It seems like we have a choice but it’s not really a choice.

We pick one and most of the time, they do things that the majority of people don’t agree with.

So the people in power that we supposedly voted in power are doing these things that nobody really wants. 

Why do we not have an individual vote on those issues? 

Why do we have to just let these people do their own thing? 

In most cases, these people in power are the elderly who have a history of corruption and scandals. 

That’s an insane system but you can see how the people that are benefiting from that system have no desire to change it.

That is one of the examples that I think we need to start thinking about. 

These people don’t have our best interests at heart. They’re focusing on their agendas, their profits, their connections, and all of that stuff. 



Can I Be Spiritual But Not Religious?

Though all religions emphasize spiritualism as a component of faith, you may be ‘spiritual’ without being religious or a member of an organized organization. They’re not the same thing. Spirituality is a personal journey.

You could take wisdom from Buddhism, mysticism, Christianity, or whatever helps you grow more spiritually but you don’t have to be closed in a box.

What Happens During A Dark Night Of The Soul?

During the dark night of the soul, you will experience a period of extreme difficulty and pain. It’s usually after the loss of a loved one, the split of a marriage, the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease, or when everything that you gave meaning in your life suddenly collapses.

In this phase, we experience the death of the ego and our true self emerges. Not everyone does but when they do, they aren’t the same people anymore. They’ve gone through an awakening. 

What Does Awakening Feel Like?

At first, the spiritual awakening process might feel as though everything you thought you knew about your life was a lie. You can feel estranged from the activities and people you used to like. And then you surrender and you’ll feel bliss for the first time in a long time. 

Surrender is all about letting go of any leftover ego constructs, beliefs, or traits that are blocking you from your truth. You’ve learned to know your soul and you’re releasing all that no longer serves you. You start to live your true purpose.

If you’re still unsure of your life purpose, this free personal numerology reading may help you know more about yourself.

chaos as a catalyst for change

Chaos Is A Catalyst For Spiritual Growth

So my point is, chaos is a catalyst for spiritual growth.

You’ve seen it in the last few years. There have been all kinds of stuff going on. 

Organizations and institutions that should have our best interests at heart, have been misleading and doing things for wicked purposes. 

But I don’t think we should be scared or panic when things seem to be falling apart. 

I think it’s leading people, as a whole, to look for better alternatives.

You know, better ways of doing things, ways to improve systems that clearly haven’t been working.

I think it’s a perfect opportunity for you, me, and everyone else, to say: 

“The system is collapsing. Now, what do we actually really want?”

Chaos can make way for change in a good way.

Now you’ve learned that chaos is a catalyst for spiritual growth. What do you think? Do you agree that chaos can lead to spiritual growth?

Let me know in the comments!