Can spiritual awakening ruin your life?

Spiritual awakening could be perceived as something that would ruin your life, but it’s not really how it seems.

I understand how it could seem that way on the surface when you first have your spiritual awakening. 

That’s why there’s what people call the spiritual awakening depression.

It could feel like your whole world is being torn apart. You’re going to lose friends, lose your job, and maybe you’d even have to move out of the current place you’re living in.

All of a sudden, you’re going to go down a very different path in your life.

I’m here to tell you that’s not actually a bad thing.

If you want to know why then stick with me till the end of this blog post.

Let’s dive in!

Spiritual Awakening Ruined My Life

Have you ever heard someone say that spiritual awakening ruined their lives? A spiritual awakening is supposed to be a good thing, right?

Now, why does it feel like your world is falling apart? 

Will Spiritual Awakening Ruin My Life?

In general, spiritual awakening will not ruin your life although it may feel like it at the start. You may feel like your life is being torn apart and there’s a reason for that. 

will spiritual awakening ruin your life

What Is Spiritual Awakening

It is a transformational or transitional step from the usual state of consciousness to discovering that anything we perceive to be our external world is a mirror of our inner state of consciousness.

We think that all solutions and problems are external but it’s not.

The New Testament contains parables that emphasize the need to be awake and not fall asleep.

Even the name Buddha derives from the Sanskrit word Budh.

Guess what that means…

It means “to be awake.”

So actually, Buddha is not a name and, ultimately, not a person. Whoa.

All of this means that humans are actually capable of living in a state of awareness or consciousness.

spiritual awakening process

This is why, in some spiritual teachings, they say that human experience is a “shared delusion” or “global hypnosis”.

Everyone who is not spiritually awake is completely identified with and controlled by their thinking mind – the continuous voice in the brain.

Thinking is compulsive: you can’t seem to quit. It’s also addictive: you don’t want to quit, at least not until the pain from the constant mental chatter becomes overwhelming.

You don’t use thinking in the unawakened condition, rather thought uses you. You’re enslaved by your mind.

But you are not alone. Most humans are controlled by their thoughts. They think it’s them but it’s not.

Your thoughts are not ‘you’. You are the awareness of your thoughts.

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What Happens After Spiritual Awakening

What do we awaken from when we experience a spiritual awakening? We break free of our identification with our thoughts.

You start to view things as they are. It is what it is.

They’re no longer warped and reduced by mental labels, conceptions, judgments, opinions, and response patterns.

Your sense of identity, of self, is no longer reduced to a tale you tell yourself over and over. “Me and my story”.

This is what your life is reduced to while you are asleep. That’s why you can never be happy for long because you are not yourself.

spiritual awakening dark night of the soul

Being spiritually awake is like going back to the self. The real self, not the egoic self-created by the mind.

You become a witness to your own thoughts and are no longer fully connected with your thoughts, and you begin to experience a depth of yourself that you have never known before.

Your mind is now just a tool and you don’t believe everything it says.

You’ve become aware of your Being, a vibrantly alive stillness that is far greater than the mind. It is consciousness.

For many people, becoming aware of their thoughts is the first sign of a spiritual awakening.

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How Long Does A Spiritual Awakening Last

The length of waking varies according to the individual. It might run from a few days to several years. Although there are some similarities, each individual is unique.

It depends on the person how long they go through their spiritual awakening stages.

You could also awaken and then forget about it as you get caught by the current of the material world.

That is possible and this is why the term non-abiding awakening was coined.

Non-abiding awakening occurs when you experience moments of awakening and then return to identification with the mind.

This is only a phase. A lot of people go through this.

the book of awakening

The important thing is the seed is already there and over time, it will grow into a beautiful tree.

It mainly relies on the person and their own experience.

Initially, people would want to reclaim it. Meditate, journal, try to piece everything together, and see where it went wrong.

Then they would realize they don’t even have to try. All they need to do is surrender and just “be”.

How To Deal With Spiritual Awakening Depression

female being emotional

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening and you feel alone, I recommend reading this spiritual awakening book The Power Of Now.

It’s my favorite of all the Eckhart Tolle Books and I recommend you start there.

Practicing The Power Of Now has helped so many people through their spiritual awakening experience including me.

Spiritual awakening movies like Inner Worlds Outer Worlds are also good resources.

Also trust that the Universe, the Source, the Divine, or God, always has your back.

It might take some time before the pieces fall back together and you’ll attract the things that match your new level of consciousness.

spiritual awakening depression

Will Spiritual Awakening Ruin Your Life?

It won’t but if you’re still not convinced, here are 3 reasons why:

1: You’re Just Changing To A Better Path

So if you are like many people, you have woken up spiritually in the last few years and you’ve come to realize that what you’ve been taught to believe isn’t quite true.

The world isn’t working the way we think it does, or what we’ve been told it does.

We are not these mortal, powerless victims floating around in space.

We’re actually immortal divine beings who have limitless power and we are brought here for a reason.

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If you’ve just realized that in the last few years, then chances are you’ve probably lost some friends, maybe even fallen out with family members, and had some disagreements.

Your life path has made a sharp turn from going in one direction to the complete opposite. 

As I said, that’s not a bad thing. It feels like chaos on the surface, but from that will come all of the growth of new opportunities.

2: Your Old Life Is Falling Away To Make Way For The New

I speak about this a lot, especially in the superhuman program which you can find down below.

What tends to happen is, as you change, the old life falls away before the new life is fully materialized.

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So what that looks like is, let’s say you wake up spiritually and you lose a lot of friends. You will lose your current friends before you make new ones who match your new level of vibration.

By the way, I have this free superhuman optimization program to help raise your vibrations and ascend to 5D consciousness so you might wanna check that out.

How can you meet your new friends if you’re so focused on protecting the ones you already have?

If they’re not good for you, the universe will take them away because how can you grow if you’re surrounded by those people? 

Your environment becomes you.

What if you lost your home and you had to move somewhere else?

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Maybe the reason for that is that you would meet new people who are more aligned with your true being and will help you grow spiritually.

What if you lost your job because the universe is making way so you could find time to actually go for your true purpose and that purpose will help a lot of people?

At the moment, it feels like you’ve lost everything when really you’re just in that transition state between your old life and your new, better life.

Check out this blog post about how chaos is a catalyst for spiritual growth.

One where you don’t have to try so hard to make it work and one where you will be able to grow more spiritually.

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3: You’re Going To Be Child-like

Another thing to bear in mind is that if you have just woken up in the last few years, you need to approach things as if you’re a child.

Try and remember that we know only a tiny amount of what there is to know.

Even in terms of our senses. There’s a vast spectrum of frequencies and information.

Only a tiny slither is what you can perceive with your five senses.

the power of the heart

We only see a tiny spectrum of light and hear a limited spectrum of the sound frequencies that are actually available.

So we are aware of only a tiny part of our existence. Everything else, we don’t really know what they’re doing or how they work.

So we have to approach it like a child. Be open-minded, playful, and curious.

Don’t assume that you know something for certain. Be willing to change your beliefs and change what you know to be true.

That’s how an open mind works. You need to be flexible and open, even if it’s something that you’ve believed in your whole life.

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This is where a lot of people find it difficult.

You need to approach things as if you don’t really know whether it’s true or not and you’re just kind of playfully finding out just exploring it like a child, and I think that will really help in terms of your spiritual awakening.

Now I do have a free video training about how to manifest abundance with financial abundance.

You will have more time to do the things you love doing, explore your spirituality, experience life, and do your purpose on earth. I mean with a lot of time and money.

You can do anything so you can just work on the things you love doing instead of having to work a job that sucks your energy and your soul away. 

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What Are The Physical Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening?

Those who have had a spiritual awakening frequently report tingling, itching, prickling, or crawling feelings on and around the top of the head, as well as the scalp and spine.

What’s The Explanation Of Eckhart Tolle On Pain Body

The pain body is the old emotional trauma carried around inside a person. Eckhart Tolle says that the pain body enjoys exploiting these feelings to drive our thoughts.

What Are The Causes Of Spiritual Awakening?

In most cases, a spiritual awakening happens after a person has gone through a period called “the dark night of the soul“. The universe intervenes and orchestrates the dark night of the soul to convey that it is time to reconnect with our true being.

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Will Spiritual Awakening Ruin Your Life?

Spiritual awakening will not ruin your life although it may feel like it at the start. You may feel like your life is being torn apart and there’s a reason for that.

Your life path has made a sharp turn from going in one direction to the complete opposite. 

We are not these mortal, powerless victims floating around in space but are actually immortal divine beings who have limitless power brought here for a reason.

What tends to happen is, as you change, the old life falls away before the new life is fully materialized. 

This is why you may lose some friends, a job, or even a home.

Your life is like a very old house that needs to be renovated. How can you turn that house into something amazing if you don’t demolish it first?

So when you hear someone say “spiritual awakening ruined my life!”

Tell them, “Oh, you don’t know how good it’s going to be.”

Your life could feel like it’s being torn apart so it could be put back together in the way you want it to look, one that’s more aligned with your true being.