In this article, we’ll be summarising the most IMPORTANT research and studies performed on astral projection, and explaining what it MEANS.

Out-of-the-body experiences are not rare, they’re just relatively uncommon, being that they’re outside of ordinary human consciousness.

Commonly known as astral travel or conscious projection, this phenomenon is as old as humankind, maybe even significantly more antiqued than that.

Astral projections aren’t something unnatural or abstract; they’re quite reasonable in existence. However, humanity still hasn’t reached higher levels of consciousness. In other words, people don’t believe it’s real.

When you think about the limitations of the brain, you realize that they are few and that almost everything is possible. It’s out a physical form, our body that has limits, which our spiritual-self doesn’t suffer from.

Everything we can imagine can be manifested if we chose to, all we need is to focus, and astral projection is proof of that.

What is astral projection?

Astral projections, or OBEs, are a process of temporary separation of our spiritual self, from our physical bodies.

Most people reject the existence, or even the idea, of astral projections, being possible. Many people that encountered this phenomenon kept it from the public eye, fearing they’ll be disapproved by society.

However, a few people did disseminate their experiences, and along with the near-death experience, the phenomenon has gained popularity. Those who had experienced NDEs describe their properties similarly to astral projections.

OBE usually happens accidentally and entirely unexpectedly. However, we can experience it ourselves, commandingly, but only once we sufficiently exalted our mind and spiritual-self.

Has it been proven?

Various studies report that one of ten people experienced a conscious OBE.

Controlled OBE’s can be achieved through enough practice until one attains the ability to willingly, though temporarily, leave the physical body.

Spontaneous OBE’s are a different matter and can happen at any time since the individual has no control. They do occur in more specific situations, usually when an individual is in an altered or highly stressful state.

This includes sleeping, during sickness, under medication, during an accident, or even while meditating.

Astral projection research in history

From the beginning of time, there are various historical documentations of astral travel. In ancient Egypt, for example, there is 5000 to 3000-year-old proto-written evidence.

The Egyptians were aware of the existence of astral form – Kha, they called it.

The even decorated the walls and constructions with drawings and engravings, representing it as an unpretentious light surrounding and leaving the physical body.

There are several references to astral travel within the Temple of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis, Greece. Several ancient Greek philosophers and historians like Plutarch, Herodotus, Plato, and Hermotimus mention astral travel in their writings. The most interesting being the one of Arisdeu, told by Plutarch.

Arisdeu was a dishonest person of awful reputation in his community.

However, he suffered a sudden twist of fate when he fell and hit his head. The fall resulted in Arisdeu being in a coma that lasted a couple of days. Throughout this coma, Arisdeu saw himself outside of his body and was greeted by his spiritual guide, which he was able to communicate with.

During the time in which his physical body was in a coma, Arisdeu became aware of another dimension inhibited with spirits and thoughts. They had no physical form, and Arisdeu observed them for a certain amount of time, accompanied by his spiritual guide.

At a certain point, he felt a forceful pressure pulling him back inside his physical body. He woke up a few moments before his burial, inciting the disbelief of the masses gathered at his funeral. Still, driven by what he has experienced, Arisdeu changed his ethics and values and corrected his behavior to reflect them better. He transformed himself into a respected citizen, valued in his community.

During the Middle Ages, the projections of consciousness were studied and practiced by specific schools and secret societies, sue to the repression of the Inquisition.

These occult and esoteric movements continued to withhold the information from the larger population even after the end of the Inquisition.

The Tibetans had records of astral travel

The Tibetans referred to the astral body as a “secondary body,” which “houses the soul.” This body, or twofold, penetrates the physical one as shading does the bowl of water.

It’s made of very subtle matter, contrasting the rigidity of our physical body, which is electrical and attractive in its quintessence.

Delicate matter this body is comprised of is unusually flexible and undergoes only small changes during our lives. It’s this flexibility that allows the astral body to expand to unimaginable levels.

Astral Projections are often confused with Lucid Dreaming since both are fundamentally the same. However, with lucid dreaming, you are entering into an astral state from an effectively sleeping condition, unlike legitimately waking state of awareness during astral travel.

The term “lucid dreaming” alludes to a state in which the dreamer becomes aware of the dreaming state. Bringing his or her waking consciousness to the astral plane seems like the next logical step.

However, when dreaming, the individual doesn’t think to wake their awareness, it does so by the influence of (usually) external stimuli.

And while the dreamer might gain some control of the dream characteristics, this state is not to be confused with entering into the astral plane.

If you aim to achieve an astral venture, while lying in bed, you should simply relax. The best possible method is to attempt to put the body to rest while enabling the psyche to remain alert by simultaneously relaxing and focusing.

How to astral project

To achieve astral travel, you should ensure the conditions in which you can relax your body and psyche, allowing your awareness to tune into an alternate measurement.

When you’re able to disconnect physically, you’ll feel a sense of transparency or freedom, which enables your thoughts to direct your spirit to a place it wishes to go.

When in position, you should remain loose, enabling your body to relax, while keeping the mind awake. Keeping the mind and consciousness awake may be a tedious task at first, but it gets better with practice.

To keep the mind engaged, one should consider anything; envisioning specific things or specific pictures is not necessary at all.

All that’s required is to remain alert.

The most specific thing one should consider is to remain mindful, keeping the mind concentrated on mindfulness. If the individual relinquishes mindfulness while trying to enter the astral plane, he will nod off and unknowingly slip into a dream state. Focusing on mindfulness is required to move into the astral world intentionally.

Mornings are the best time to try and achieve OBE, especially when you’ve just woken up. It makes the body sufficiently relaxed and not worn out at the same time.

The loosened body is the first necessary condition for achieving an OBE. If you can’t properly relax, the excess of awareness will be centered around the body instead of within.

The most efficient relaxation technique includes deliberately flexing each muscle until there’s slight exhaustion, at which point you should relax the muscles. This technique will relax the muscles further than before intentional flexing.

While performing this relaxation exercise, you’ll become additionally aware of your body. At the same time, you should keep your mind centered on mindfulness. This is the absolute most crucial advice.

There are five critical focuses on centering your psyche for OBE acceptance. They are perspective, visualization, movement, receptivity, and lack of involvement.

The best perspective is the one of a calm, totally aloof, determined eyewitness. Visualization is crucial in numerous OBE’s, and this inactive perspective allows you to visualize pictures more quickly, without your mind wandering.

Movement, the third point, concerns the influencing change felt inside the body. The crucial fourth focus is receptivity – an open state of mind that is prompting the vibrations that isolate the astral body from the physical one.

The fifth focus is detachment, which entirely depends on the previous four steps. As you become more skilled at achieving the last four steps, detaching your spiritual self from your physical self becomes easier.

When beginning, you should investigate the state between waking and resting. Start nodding off, then re-energize until completely conscious and awake. Repeat the process until the body is relaxed, and the mind is in its “inactive” state.

Visualizing a small object is the next step. You can visualize, for example, a little cube, approximately six feet straightforwardly in front.

Visualize the object until it becomes clearly visible by the inner consciousness. At that point, move the item back and forth, bringing it closer and closer to you, and pushing it further and further away. Attempt to feel the influence your astral body has on an object.

Also, visualize that the object has a gravity of its own, influencing the swaying. After the image becomes distinctive and crystal clear, try and grab the object as it draws near.

As the image sways away, your awareness should follow it, being intentionally pulled away from your physical form. At this point, your physical and your astral body are separated.

After the separation, you can abandon the questioned perspective, and extend your awareness, wakefulness, and alertness, as you’re entering an astral plane. From here on, one can investigate, meander, contemplate, and simply have a great time.

The conceivable outcomes of the astral plane are still unfathomable, and in the best-case scenario, limited by the creative mind.

In the end, projecting is the same as any other expertise; it requires discipline. Dissimilar to different aptitudes learned in the physical world, the elements that underline one’s capacity to project are fundamentally mental.

Insight, character, emotional makeup, social upbringing, and conviction frameworks are the factors that determine how hard or how simple projecting is.

This is just a very basic guide. To learn more, read my post on how to astral project instantly, or check out our detailed ebook guide with over 15 powerful techniques for astral traveling. 

What does it feel like?

For some individuals, entering the astral plane and achieving astral travel tends to be an extremely exceptional encounter.

For those unprepared, or uncertain of what’s happening, the first run through may induce panic. Nonetheless, numerous people mostly explain it as a sort of flying out of your sleeping shell at first.

Most people?

Most people report coasting over their sleeping bodies, seeing their room in the most astounding, lovely, and radiant light. They typically repost having “ghostly” bodies that can go through solid objects and often report seeing places and occasions that were out of their visual perception.

Those who attempted it, after taking the experience further, discovered that they could travel anywhere, to any place known to man, further exploring the astral dimension.

Here’s the interesting part:

They also describe the astral plane as an aggregate plane of thought-for awareness where a vast number of creatures live and visit. Yet, deductively, it’s neither recognized nor comprehended.

Benefits of astral travel

Developing your awareness and grasping the reality beyond the physical world comes with many benefits. Astral Projections allow us to explore things outside of our physical senses, identify the reasons for our existence, experience flying, and many other benefits.

Once you gain the ability to access the astral realm, the first thing you realize is the independency of your astral form from your physical body.

Your astral body doesn’t suffer the limitations your physical body does. As a result, many individuals reported a complete loss of the fear of death.

One of the results of traveling through the astral plane is the newfound appreciation of the physical realm and everything it contains. You’ll start to perceive the physical world differently, which will grant you excessive strength to battle with life’s potential hardships.

When the astral body leaves your physical form, it puts your body in a sleep-like state. In this state, just like when you’re sleeping, the body does a better job of healing itself. Not only do the OBEs improve the body’s healing process, but they also allow for a better connection with the body’s inner energy.

These are just some of the many benefits of astral projection


Though superficially supported by the scientific community, astral projections and its benefits were thoroughly documented during ancient times.

As our collective consciousness grows, science is slowly starting to unravel the mysteries and the mechanics of astral projections.

As the scientific explanations continue to unravel, they only serve to attest to the existence of astral plane, and astral projections, and their collective benefits.