Want to know how to astral project?

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We’re going to explain exactly how you actually leave your physical body and move around the astral plane in your new astral body. It’s going to be a rollercoaster, so get comfortable.

But, here’s the deal:

There are a few warnings we need to give you before you start, and a few tips for getting results faster! Make sure to stick around to the end of the post, as there are important tips at the end.

It might not be easy, but if you follow this guide to the letter and actually practice it, you’ll get results soon! Make sure to bookmark this guide now so you don’t forget, and refer back to it as you learn.

Before you begin

Make sure you understand the risks and the experiences you’ll actually have with astral projection.

You can astral project at any time of the day or night but there are certain times when it’s a lot easier. These are times when your body is just ready for an OBE and more likely to have one.

The best time to astral project is about 4AM in the morning. 

Not the easiest time to be awake, but if you can wake up at this time and try then, you’ll have much more luck in the beginning stages, specially if you’re new to this and you’re learning.

Here are 8 steps to being able to astral project (Have an OBE):

1: Prepare yourself to astral project

Before you try so do astral projection, just make sure your room or the area you’re doing it in is a nice quiet and comfortable space.

This is the time to make sure you’ve not got alarms that are going to disturb you, or TV that’s going to make noise when you’re trying to have an OBE. The space around you should be quiet, peaceful and ideally have the following things in –

  • Plants: They make the area feel more calm
  • Incense: Burning incense can help relax you and set you up for astral travel
  • Temperature should be about 20 degrees
  • Moon Candles: Having candles can relax you further

These things aren’t essential but they’ll certainly help get you in the right frame of mind. Also, slightly dimming the lights helps too. It makes it easier to close your eyes if you’re not tired.

Disturbing things – Try and make sure as much as you can that no-one is going to come in and disturb you. It can be very annoying to be interrupted by someone when you’re trying to have an OBE.

2: Relax and get into a comfortable position

Make sure that you relax every part of your body. Get into a place where you’re comfortable. This can be either laying down on your back or sitting up in a chair. Whatever position you’re going to astral travel from, make sure you’re not having to support your body to stay in that position.

Basically when you relax ALL of your muscles, you should still remain in the position safely. You don’t want to be falling out of your chair, for example. Sit back and let the chair fully support you and hold you in place.

Armchairs or sofas are better for this as you can relax back into them fully and get supported. When you’ve got yourself into a comfortable position, you’re ready to move to the next stages.

A note about meditation and breathing

Just before we go onto the next stages, it’s important to mention breathing and meditation for astral travel. If you don’t know what meditation is, it’s basically being aware of yourself and letting go of stresses and thoughts.

You can learn more about meditation in your own time, but it’s better to be someone who regularly meditates, for example every day for at least 10 minutes. This will increase your chances of having an OBE. To learn how to meditate easily, try Zen meditation!

3: Focus on relaxing all your body parts and muscles

Focus on your body now.

Start by focusing on a particular body part, for example, your hand. Don’t move ANY muscles, and don’t even think about moving them at this stage. Just be aware of the hand, and focus on it until you can almost see every part of it in your mind.

Really pay attention to the details, like for example:

  • How the hand feels resting against the bed
  • Feel the strength and muscles in the hand
  • Visualise exactly what it looks like and where it is in relation to the rest of you

Once you’ve done this for a while, (About 2-3 minutes) you can progress..

Moving your focus

Now you’re going to start shifting focus from body part to body part. Start either at your head or at your toes and work your way up/down the body. focus on each body part separately, and make sure you really get a feel of the body part and where it is. Visualise exactly what it looks like, where it is and how it feels. Again, don’t try to move anything.

Imagine moving the body parts

Now that you’ve done that, start again, but imagine what it would feel like to move each body part. If you start by focusing on your foot, for example, IMAGINE (without physically moving) what it would feel like and look like to move your foot up and down.

Visualise it so strongly that it almost feels like you’re actually doing it. When you’ve done this for each body part, (This can’t be rushed, and it may take up to 20-30 minutes) you’re ready to enter the vibrational stage!

4: You’ll now enter the vibrational stage (You’ll experience vibrations or tingling)

At this point you’ve almost had an out of body experience!

This is where things get fun, but also where things get difficult. You’re now entering the ‘vibrational stage’ of astral travel. This is where you’ll start to really feel something.

You’ll feel your whole body start to vibrate gently, as if a soft current of electricity is going through your body. It might also feel like a heavy blanket is covering your whole body.

It’s at this point that you’ll either have an OBE or you’ll get scared and give up, or lose focus. It’s exactly now that you’ll want to exercise STRONG willpower and just keep going for it.

Don’t be scared: It’s really important that at this stage in particular, you stay as relaxed as possible. Don’t think about anything other than what you’re trying to do. Don’t focus on anything other than your body.

The next stage is probably the hardest part of learning how to do astral projection so make sure you stay focused! Also, don’t give up. It might not happen to you for the first few tries, but keep trying!

5: Move out of your physical body and into the astral realm

You’re now going to move your psychosoma (or ‘astral body’) OUTSIDE of your physical body. This takes a lot of practice, and there are several techniques once you get to this point. They all revolve around visualising and being relaxed.

This is why we suggested that you practice meditation as a KEY part of your astral travel efforts. 

So, now we’re going to briefly explain several techniques you can use to move your astral body outside of your physical one. Feel free to try each technique, and find which ones works best for you.

Here are some techniques for leaving your physical body:

A) The swing technique

Imagine you’re on a swing. As you lay there in your bed, (or sit in your chair) imagine your body gently swinging back and forward. Start off with REALLY small movements.

The swing method for astral projection

Now, DON’T actually move, but imagine your body is moving. Just like before when you imaged your separate body acts moving. This time, imagine your WHOLE body moving, in VERY SMALL movements as if you’re on a swing.

Make the movements get bigger and bigger until you eventually swing your entire astral body out, and find yourself floating a little way above your physical body.

B) The rope technique

The rope technique involves focusing on your hands. Just like before, imagine your hands moving. When you can strongly visualise your hands moving separately to your physical body, imagine a rope is in front of you.

Reach out to the rope (Again, all with your astral bodies hands, not your physical hands) and grab it. Gently use it to pull yourself up and out of your body. Yo can also use a bar instead of rope and follow the same steps.

These techniques are not by any means ALL of the techniques out there, but they’re the most common and will get you started the right way!

Now that we’ve got there, we need to stay in the astral realm:

6: Stay lucid/aware by focusing

The important thing to remember when you’re doing astral travel is that you need to stay focused. It’s easy to become hazy or confused when you’re trying this. Practice meditating every day so that you’re good at staying focused for long periods of time. This is called being ‘lucid’. It simply means being aware of ‘clear’. It’s an important part of astral projection.

Remembering your astral travel experience

Part of staying lucid and being aware involves actually.. Remembering your astral experience!

If you can’t remember it, there’s no point in doing it really!

Here’s the problem:

When you astral travel, your astral body or ‘psychosoma’ is separate from your physical body and brain. The experiences you have in the astral realm are recorded in your astral brain or ‘parabrain’.

This means that unless you really try and set yourself up for it, you’ll forget everything as soon as you return to your physical body and brain!

Don’t worry though, there are some great ways to ‘transfer’ the memories from brain to brain. The main one is by repeating a ‘mantra’ to yourself the whole day before you try this.

Some mantras you could use are –

  • ‘I will remember everything I experience when I have an OBE’
  • ‘I’ll be completely lucid and remember everything that happens in the astral realm’
  • ‘I will remember my astral projection experience’

Repeat these things to yourself once every hour for the whole day. Do this every day to make sure your brain knows what to do!

But how do we get back to our physical bodies?

7: Return to your physical body by pulling on your silver cord

The next stage is returning to your physical body.

It’s no good learning how to astral project if you don’t also learn how to get back to reality! To return to your physical body, you don’t actually need to do much!

Your astral body is connected to your physical body via a ‘silver cord’ or rope. This ensures you never lose contact with your physical body and can always return.

You may sense or even see this cord as you’re traveling. It appears as a white or energetic beam of energy which goes through walls and can stretch to an infinite length.

You simply have to either follow the cord back to your body if you’re ‘deeply’ focused in the astral realm. If you’re not so ‘grounded’ you can simply think about opening your physical eyes, and this will ‘snap you back’ to physical reality. For more, see our guide to the silver cord for astral projection.

8: Enter the advanced world of astral travel

Soon, you’ll want to dive deeper:

There are some advanced things you can do to improve your astral projection skills. Let’s explain a few things, but if you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the advanced astral projection part of the blog!

Finding objects or information quickly

Next time you’re astral traveling, try and find an object in your room.

But here’s the thing:

Pick an easy object to describe and remember. Look at where it is, and when you get back to your physical reality find the object again and see if you were right.

It works best if you pick objects that you wouldn’t have known were there, for example objects in another room that someone else has placed there for you to find.

You can also get someone to write down some information for you on a bit of paper in another room. Astral project into that room and read it, then come back and test yourself! Keep doing it until you’re good at it!

The one thing you should never do

When beginners try to astral project, there’s one thing they almmost always do which makes SURE they fail. It’s such a simple thing but it can be detrimental to your success. Make sure to avoid this thing: (Click a button below to unlock)

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Useful tips for you

You’ve learned the basics of astral travel, but there is still of course much more to learn. If you’d like to get started and really dive into this, here are some useful links for you:

  • Binaural beats like these: Listen to them WHILE you’re attempting an OBE and massively increase your chances
  • Keep a journal (like this one) and write down what worked for you and what didn’t every night. This will help you learn from your mistakes and learn what works
  • You might want to try and use a mind machine to meditate and relax before projecting, like this one
  • Keep yourself healthy and get enough sleep: We can’t stress this enough!