Astral projection can be difficult to accomplish for first timers. You may have probably read a lot about the great experiences that people have in the astral world (And the scary astral projection stories).

While it’s safe to believe that it is a truly remarkable thing, it is not the jolly walk in the park that you would expect. There are also dangers and scary events that could happen while astral projecting.

Some scary things about astral projection

It’s good to note that while some of the scary stuff is well founded, others are just creations of the human imagination. Let’s consider a few of these things and what to do in order to manage them.

1: Dying While Projecting

There are people who believe that you can die while being on the astral world. Since you are connected to your physical body by a silver chord, in case this cord breaks or is severed, your physical body may die.

The truth is that the chord as well as your astral body are at a higher frequency and are therefore not physical. It is thus not possible to neither cut the link nor harm your astral body. Death is simply not an option while astral projecting.

2: Possession by demons or evil spirits

When you start to astral project, you will begin at the lower levels and gradually ascend as you increase in positive energy. These lower levels of the astral plane harbor negative entities. They have bad intentions and if not careful will drain away your energy.

People who are not used to astral project have a fear that they may get possessed since their spirit is separated from the body. This is a really frightening notion to think that something unholy could gain control of your body.

However, of all the accounts there are no instances that have ever being reported of someone being possessed after astral projecting. In fact, getting back to your body is not a problem at all.

3: Experiencing Negative Entities that could be hostile

The attitude we carry in our day to day lives affect the kind of astral experience we get. If you are naturally pessimistic and always negative about the things that go on in the world, then chances are high you will go to sleep in the same attitude.

If you do astral project, you will not be able to rise to the higher levels of the astral world where the positive good natured entities exist. Instead, you will remain in the lower levels and attract the scary beings. These will drain the energy out of you and leave you worse for wear.

When you wake up, you will be grumpy and continue to have a bad day. Changing your perspective on life will help you attract positivity even in the physical world. In the astral world, you will continue to rise and have great enlightening experiences.

4: You could experience difficulty breathing

At the onset of the body separating from the spirit, some people claim to have a hard time breathing. First time travelers will usually panic and rejoin their physical body. This is one of the reasons beginners find it difficult to astral project for the first time.

The reason behind the difficulty in breathing is the body’s natural reaction to sleep paralysis. This is when the brain is processing the feeling of separation. It can be a frightening time. To counter this you can try breathing through the nose rather than through the mouth. It should make things easier.

5: Inability to reconnect with the real world

Another fear that astral projectors face is being unable to reconnect with the physical body after separation. Like we saw above, of all the people who have given an account of their astral projection adventures, joining the body is never a problem.

In fact it takes more energy to keep away from it than travelling the astral. In the astral realm, if you want to travel to a distant place, all you need to do is to visualize it and within no time you will be there. Likewise, if you want to rejoin your body, the mere thinking of it will pull you back.

6: Becoming obsessed with the astral world

There are people who fear becoming obsessed with astral projection. Once you’ve had a good experience, you will likely want to try it again (and there are many benefits). There is nothing wrong with this other than the fact that you can get too attached.

Those who are conscious of this fact are scared of it. Just like when you over use a drug, you are enslaved by it, there is the fear that astral projection might control your life. There is some sense in this.

You need to always have the right state of mind when astral projecting. Do not approach it as a release from your hard reality. Instead do so from a position of curiosity. That way, you will always be in control.

7: Having more nightmares

As we mentioned earlier, you need to have the right state of mind before astral projecting. This will influence your level in the astral realm and what you may encounter.  If you have a negative attitude, you will likely only get to the lower levels where the bad and scary exist.

Here you might find all sorts of entities. Seeing demons with curved horns and sharp teeth might leave you a bit traumatized and could cause you to develop a negative attitude toward astral projection.

That’s only the beginning though. If you carry this negativity with you, you might have a series of nightmares in the nights that follow. To be safe, try astral projecting during times of joy and positivity.